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  • Review in Software Testing

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    A process in which one or more more persons checks changed document or data to determine if the changes are correct.

    An analysis undertaken at a specific point in time to determine the degree to which stated objectives have been met. This is generally used as a basis for decision making, including updating plans.

    • It is a method of verification.
    • It a formal and official examination.

    Types of review:

    There are three types of review:

    1.) In Process Review:- Review conducted in between when artifacts is in progress is called in process review.

    • It is conducted during a specific period of the development cycle.
    • Limited to a segment of the product.
    • Catched defects early where they are less costly to correct.


    2.) Milestone review:- Normally conducted by the manager at the end of SDLC, when the product owner feels that the product is error free and can move to next phase.


    3.) Post Implementation Review: Conducted in a formal way to checks all requirements have met and the actual development result and expected results are same.It also refers as "Postmortems" review.
    It helps for process improvement of development.

    Classes of Review:-

    Informal Review: It is conducted between the work owner of the product and his colleagues(peer) with no agenda.It is also know as peer review.


    Semiformal Review: It is promoted by the author and proposal is made at end of the meeting with comments.

    •  Issues raised and recorded and published.


    Formal Review:- It is promoted by moderator with the assistance of recorder.

    • In this meeting is planned and product substantial is distributed beforehand.
    • Participants are already shortlisted and informed.
    • Issues founds  are tracked by defect tracking system.

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