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  • New Technology and Gadgets to Watch For in 2019

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    Technology development is moving so fast that if you blink, you’ll probably miss a dozen new gadgets coming out. 2019 isn’t likely to be any different. If you want to be in the loop, you’ll need to know what to watch for so you can keep up with the latest tech. Although progress might be slowing down on processing power thanks to the actual limits of physics, other technologies, like AI, are moving forward faster and faster. If you’re a tech nerd (or just love the latest gadgets) here’s what to keep an eye out for in the coming year.


    Robot Technology

    Some people might be afraid that the robots are coming for their jobs, but others are excited about the nearly limitless possibilities of the field of robot technology. Yes, it would be great to have your own robot butler, but right now the most exciting development in robotics is how they’re being used in a variety of industries.


    At the moment, robots are being designed to take over the dull, dirty, and repetitive tasks that humans don’t need to do. Performing these duties takes up their valuable time that could be better spent on more complex tasks. One place robotics is really taking off is in hospitals. With a looming nursing shortage, robots will be able to assist nurses and help improve patient care. The healthcare robotics market is expected to hit $2.8 billion by 2021.


    Virtual Reality

    We’ve been waiting for a truly immersive VR experience for years, and it’s finally becoming reality. Some virtual reality centers already offer a high-quality multiplayer gaming experience, while VR headsets are becoming more affordable all the time and more options for games and entertainment options are becoming available. It’s not just for fun, either—VR has become an important therapeutic tool for PTSD and Parkinson’s patients. Look for further improvements in VR in 2019 and coming years.


    Blockchain Technology

    You’ve probably heard that blockchain is no longer just for bitcoin anymore. Now, it’s seen as a superior way to store data securely. With cyberattacks on the rise, it’s key that companies do more to protect consumer privacy. This is especially true in the healthcare industry, which is the target of 1 in 4 data breaches in the US. Blockchain could be used in more widespread applications in 2019 to protect consumer and patient data. Hopefully, we’ll all sleep a little better knowing that our data is a little safer.


    More Bluetooth and Sound Technology

    Who wants to deal with wires anymore? In a mobile world, Bluetooth is becoming more important than ever. Some of the gadgets that are Bluetooth-controlled seem admittedly superfluous (Bluetooth sous vide, anyone?), we can all get behind better sound quality, range, and construction. If you’re good at keeping track of your earbuds, you can probably look forward to even better wireless options in 2019.


    Smart Home Gadgets

    If you’re looking forward to a home that anticipates your every need, that dream might get a little bit closer in 2019. Smart home devices are advancing quickly, with all kinds of options to meet every possible need.


    Some new smart home devices are practical—doorbells, lights, thermostats, and security cameras. Smart keys could be the salvation of people who are always losing their keychains. Soon, we’ll probably be able to maximize home efficiency and security right from our phones, doubling up by saving money and gaining peace of mind.


    Other devices are more fun and luxurious than functional. How about a mug that regulates the temperature of your coffee? Or a tea kettle that starts the water boiling the moment you get up? These and many other smart devices will be available in 2019.


    New Surprises Await in 2019

    Although we know what to look out for in 2019, there are bound to be some surprises as well. With clever, innovative people working all over the globe to solve society’s problems, from serious to merely annoying, there’s bound to be a ton of great new tech and fun gadgets coming out in the next year that aren’t even on our radar yet. Whatever your tech dream, there’s always the possibility that 2019 is the year it will finally come true.

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