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  • Mobile Testing - What are the Challenges in Mobile Testing?

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    Following are different Challenges in Mobile testing:-

    1.There are many different Mobile platforms - IOS, Android, Windows, BB

    2.Further different versions of these operating systems

    3.Many different screen resolutions

    4.Different CPU configurations

    5.Different Memory configurations

    6.Different Keypad Types Hard-pad, Virtual Keypad

    7.Number of Manufacturers Micromax, Nokia, HTC, Samsung

    8.Different tools and scripts are used for to test desktop and web-based applications which doesn't get fit to test mobile applications

    How can we test a mobile applications and What types of testing it requires? Any mobile application should be testing for the following:-

    1. Interface Testing Testing the UI interface of the application like screens, buttons, textboxes, navigation etc.

    2. Functional Testing Verifying the functionality of the mobile application

    3. Usability Testing This involves testing how simple the application is for user to use. It includes Screen navigation's, Text Visibility etc.

    4. Performance Testing Checking the response time of the application, Memory leaks, Battery consumption etc.

    5. Operational Testing Testing how well application data is backed up and restored, calls, message testing, alarms and battery usage.

    6. Security Testing As with any other software, mobile software are much more vulnerable to security warnings. So we much check the application for unofficial user entry, encryption/ decryption etc

    7. Compatibility testing All the hardware and software combination are analyses above( in obstacles in Mobile testing section )

    8. Network testing Testing for the Connectivity Issues and various Network types Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G etc.

    9. Interrupt Testing Mobile application must be verified for the disturbance like Cable introducing for data transportation, Battery transfer, Media Player on/off, Incoming and Outgoing Calls/SMS/MMS, Incoming Warning etc.

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