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  • Methods for Usability Testing & Pros and Cons of Usability testing?

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    Methods for Usability Testing

    There are two Methods accessible to do Usability testing-

    • Laboratory Usability Testing

    • Remote Usability Testing

    Laboratory Usability Testing:- This testing is directed in a different lab room in vicinity of the spectators. The analyzers/testers are appointed errands to execute. The part of the observer is to screen conduct of the analyzers and report result of testing. The observers stays noiseless throughout testing. In this testing both observers and analyzers are available in same physical area.

    Remote Usability Testing:- Under this testing observers and analyzers are remotely found. Analyzers access the System Under Test, remotely and perform relegated assignments. Analyzer's voice , screen movement , analyzers/testers outward appearances are recorded by a computerized programming. Observer dissect/analyze this information and report discoveries of the test.

    Pros and Cons of Usability testing

    Similarly as with anything in life, Usability testing has its benefits and de-merits. Lets take a look at them


    • It reveals Usability issues before the item is advertised.

    • It enhances end-user fulfillment

    • It makes your framework highly powerful and effective

    • It assembles genuine input from your intended interest group who really utilize your framework during Usability test. You don't have to depend on "feelings" from irregular individuals.


    • Expense is a mail thought in Usability testing. It takes bunches of assets to set up a Usability Test Lab. Selecting and administration of Usability analyzers can likewise be costly

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