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  • Manual Tester vs Automation Tester

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    Manual Tester vs Automation Tester


    Software Tester Role 


    A Software tester/analyzer (software test architect) should to be fit for designing test suites and ought to be able to understand usability bugs. Such a tester is relied upon to have sound understanding of programming test design and test execution approaches. It is vital for a software tester to have awesome communication skills so he can collaborate with the development group productively. The roles and responsibilities regarding an ease of use software tester are as per the following:- 


    • A Software Tester is responsible of designing testing situations for convenience or usability testing. 
    • He is responsible of leading/conducting the testing, analyze the outcomes and afterward submit his observations to the development group. 
    • He may need to interact with the customers to better comprehend the requirements or in case the design requires any sort of changes. 
    • Software Testers are responsible of making test-product documentation and also needs to take an interest in testing related walk through. 

    A software tester/analyzer has many sets of roles and responsibilities. He ought to have knowledge about software testing. He ought to have a decent understanding about the framework which implies specialized (GUI or non-GUI human interactions) and additionally useful product perspectives/aspects. While editing test cases it is essential that the software tester is aware of different testing strategies and which methodology is best for a specific framework. He should have the knowledge of different stages of software testing and how testing should to be done in every stage. The responsibilities/obligations of the software analyzer include:-

    • Making of test plans, test forms, test cases, test designs and test information. 
    • Construct all reports related to software testing carried out.
    • Ensure that all tested related work is completed according to the defined benchmarks and techniques. 
    • Carry out testing according to the defined methods. 
    • Participate in walkthroughs of testing techniques.


    Software Automation Tester's Role 


    Software test automation or a automated test engineer ought to have great understanding of what he needs to test-GUI outlines, load or stress testing. He ought to be capable in automation of software testing, and he ought to have the capacity to outline test suites accordingly. A software automation test should be comfortable with utilizing different sorts of automation tools and ought to be fit for upgrading their abilities with changing patterns. He should also have programming expertise so he can compose test scripts with no issues. The responsibilities of an tester/analyzer at this position are as per the following: 


    • Design automated test scripts that are reusable. 
    • Ensure that all automated testing related exercises are completed according to the guidelines defined by the organization.
    • He should to have the capacity to understand the necessity and design test methodology and test cases for automated software testing.

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