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  • List of Top 5 Digital Innovations for Businesses in 2019

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    The 2019 year has started and is almost halfway through, but that does not mean that there are new technologies that have not been unveiled. Web developers and technology inventors are still working on and perfecting new designs and products for businesses and individuals to use. While these innovations will not come out in the next week or maybe even several months, it is a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for these exciting changes that are happening fast.

    Here are 5 aspects of the digital world that will be impacted by technology changes:

    Artificial Intelligence

    Whenever Artificial Intelligence (AI) is thrown around in a conversation you may think of robots serving you food or living in your house. This is not the case quite yet and AI can actually help you in the workspace and give you less work to do. Companies have used AI to grow marketing campaigns and reach more of their projected audience.

    A good example of AI use is chatbots. Calling a company and talking to a representative can take a lot of time especially if there are multiple calls waiting. With chatbots a person can easily be searching a website and get their questions answered in a matter of minutes.

    5G for Smartphones

    You probably use 4G right now if your smartphone is not connected to wifi. 5G is the next step up with smartphones. Not everyone is using it, very few people are using it but soon it will become more mainstream and used by the majority of the population. With 5G there are a lot of benefits that will come along with it such as higher streaming and wider bandwidth. This will allow your smartphones to view videos and other forms of media more easily without as much buffering.

    Faster Web Pages

    You may think your web pages load fairly fast already and have made a lot of progress since dial-up. But web developers and IT personnel are still perfecting web pages and pushing the boundaries by making everything even faster. While the main parts of the web page may load quickly there are some parts of the web page that still do not load quickly such as videos and images. With improved speed everything on the page should load faster which means less waiting time for you.

    More Sharing

    There are cloud services and expect them to get better and more impactful with time. Different aspects of the healthcare system and doctors have started to incorporate file and cloud sharing with patients records. Insurance companies and medical professionals can share patient's records while keeping their sensitive information safe from being compromised.
    This will also be great for companies and customers. Companies will be able to share information with each other a lot easier than before. If there is a company wide project or a culture assessment, it can easily be shared with all of the employees quickly so everyone can see the results.

    Better Communications for Business

    If you work in any kind of business you know that communication is a big component when working with coworkers, employees and customers. You also know that if something is miscommunicated it can cause a lot of problems for the business as a whole. With more sharing there are also plans for businesses to be able to communicate with one another more effectively through technology.


    New software is currently being made that allows businesses to tailor the software to their individual needs. This allows employees to communicate better with customers and give them the resources that they need. While we are seeing a lot of different software services you can expect them to get better over time.

    Technology is continuing to change how we live and what our work life looks like. What are some things you hope to see technology change in the near future?

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