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  • List of Top 15 New Photoshop Features for Graphic Designers

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    Adobe Photoshop CC is top advanced software for editing images which is highly used for designing by designers, image editing by photographers and video professionals. It is a powerful software that gives us creativity and styling control over 2D and 3D image and video editing.

    In this tutorial, I will provide top 15 new features of Photoshop which are very helpful for the users.




    1. Connected to Behance

    "Behance is a product of Adobe which is includes specalised services in self-promotion through it's network of sites such as consulting and online portfolio sites."

    So, After joining a Creative Cloud, you can directly sign up to behance. You can create anything on Photoshop and shared directly on behance by using this feature.


    2. Smart Sharpen

    Creative cloud are add some addtional features like smart sharpen filter. Just goto Filter > Sharpen menu. You can reduce noise and halo effects by using this filter .You can use presets as well.


    3. Generator technology

    Generator technology is the brilliant feature in Creative cloud 2017. Simply you can add the extension to the name of the layer. Photoshop will automatically create a JPG, PNG or GIF from the contents of that layer.


    4. Save to Cloud

    Now using, Photoshop CC you can save your files directly on creative cloud and share the files to anyone.


    5. Intelligent upsampling

    In Photoshop CC you can directly rize the low res image and convert into high res image. for that you have to just, goto image > Image size and click on it. Click on resample dropdown and select preserve detail option. Also set the noise reduction as well.


    6. Extended features included

    Before Photoshop Creative Cloud, We've two version of photoshop existed : Photoshop and Photoshop Extended. Mostly Extended version are used for video, analysis and 3D tools. With Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC you now get all of this in one version.


    7. Multi-shape and path selection

    In CC We can to select multiple paths, shapes and vector masks at once.


    8. Conditional actions

    In Photoshop CC this feature has become much better. The use of if/then statement will help you in determinimg impage properties before you apply any action.


    9. Editable rounded rectangles

    User can export shapes as CSS data for use in another Adobe app such as Muse.

    Also, They can resize shapes, edit them and re-edit them.


    10. Better 3D tools

    CC brings with new features in 3d tools 3D panel has been enhanced also with the help of this feature the user can switch from 2d to 3d very easily.


    11. CSS From Layers

    This feature lets you generate CSS code for specifying design elements. You have to just simply copy and paste the code into dream weaver.


    12. Color import from web files

    Using this feature you can import color swatches directly from HTML, CSS or SVG files.


    13. Improved type styles

    In Photoshop CC this feature make easy to set the type styles.


    14. Camera Shake Reduction

    In this Feature, You can restore the sharpness in shaky images. For this, Goto Filter > Sharpen> Camera shake reduction.


    15. Expanded Smart Object support

    In CC you've can apply different effects without committing or saving a duplicate of the file. Also this feature helps you in case you want to edit, update or remove/delete effects of any file anytime even after saving the file.

    List of Top 15 New Photoshop Features for Graphic Designers

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