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  • List of Best Perl Interview Questions and Answers in 2019

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    Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language) has been evolving as one of the most prevailing scripting languages. If you are one of the aspirants, preparing to have ultimate career opportunity then you are in the right place.

    In this blog, I have listed some essential Perl Interview Questions which will assist you to prepare for the interview.

    What do you mean by subroutines in Perl?

    Subroutines are a block of code which consent an argument, executes the mandatory operations and then further return the value.

    What is the role of the “use” function in PERL?

    Use function has been implemented to load the module during compilation time.

    What is the importance of the “require” function in PERL?

    This function has been implemented to load the particular module during execution time.

    What do you mean by Perl one-liner?

    Perl one-line is a program of one line command which is implemented for performing certain operations. The major benefit of this command is that it is executed instantly.

    Which argument holds the significance of debugging in PERL?

    “-d” argument holds the significance

    Which argument permits switching on taint mode in PERL?

    “-T” argument permits switching

    Name the extension of the “Goto label” of PERL?

    “Goto expr”

    Give at least one disadvantage of Perl language?

    The execution speed of the PERL language is less because of its interpreted feature. Moreover, this language doesn’t permit complex coding.

    Which function can be used to receive epoch time in PERL?

    time() function 

    Can PERL language is compatible with Unicode?


    Name the data types that are associated with the PERL language?

    ·         Scalar data type

    ·         Hashes of scalars

    ·         Arrays of scalar


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