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  • Inspection in Software Testing

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    Its a method of verification.The objective of inspection  is to find defects in the code or product, thus improving the quality of the work.

    A thorough word by word checking of a software product(or part of a product) with the intention of:


    • Locating defects
    • Confirming Traceability of relevant requirements
    • Checking the conforments to relevant standards and convention
    • A typical inspection takes place around 90-120 minutes and typically it detects 30-70% of logic design and coding errors.


    For inspection of the product:

    • A product specification must be available
    • A checklist(error) must be prepared
    • Team members must be familiar with organization standards.
    • System overview presented to inspection team
    • Associated docs  are distributed to the inspection team in advance
    • Changes made on the basis of discovered errors.


    Benefits:- In this programmer gets directs feedback about his coding style,  choice of algorithm and programming techniques.


    In Inspections there are 5 major roles:

    Author: A person who directly involves in developing a product.It will be responsible for to made changes on basis of discovered errors.

    Moderator: He is the person who ensure that the discussion proceed on the productive way.And participants are alert about finding errors.


    Reader: He leads the inspection team by reading the associated documents and product specifications.

    Recorder: He is responsible for documenting the findings.

    Inspector: All the inspecting team individual are considered to play the Inspector role, who are responsible  for analyzing and detecting defects.

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