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  • IOT Testing

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    The Market got the revolution now a days, the revolution of hand held device. Smart Watches, Personal Computer, Home devices, Home TV, Etc all connected with Internet and are operated by hand hold devices like mobile and tablets. So, IOT “Internet of Thing” cover all the things that are connected with internet and does data sending-retrieving after saving it on cloud so that user can use the data when and where it wants.


    Development in the technology that can operate all your machines at home or work has made the  job for testers more challenging.Like, Machines are now connected with multiple connections with different application with different band width of data sending and retrieving, tester also have deal with hardware and software compatibility of machines.


    The IOT applications are heterogeneous in nature, so more focus and strong testing plan is required for testing. We should take care of the below mentioned points while performing IOT testing:


    1. You should be very clear with requirements of application where this IOT application going to be used.   

    2. Data     Sending and Retrieving must communicate effectively with in the IOT     applications.  Tester should have advanced tools to see the how much data is sent,    received and saved in cloud.

    3. Tester     should have the understanding of  architecture of application and hardware to     design the effective test cases.    

    4. The timing is most critical factor for IOT.So, tester need to keep a  track all the dependent  application with the machines.

    5. Automation testing should be based on Ontology-based testing technique.   

    6. Back end Testing should be very good with traditional testing tools.


    Main Types Testing approach IOT application must go throw:

    1. Functional Testing.   

    2. Usability Testing.

    3. Performance Testing.

    4. Security Testing.

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