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  • How to use Google Search

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    In this 21st century, Search Engines are the backbone of every internet user. Here are some of the hidden Tips & Tricks which will help you in improving your search on Google:-


    1. Quotation Marks() - Use of quotation marks will help you in finding an exact phrase.1.jpg


    1. Hyphen(-) - Use hyphen before a word to exclude a search term. It is useful if you are searching a word with several meanings.2.jpg


    1. related: - It will find similar sites with similar content of a url, we already know.3.jpg


    1. site: - It will search within a particular site.


    1. allinurl: - It will search for the words in a url.


    1. location: - It will find news or stories from any particular location.6.jpg


    1. filetype:suffix - This will search only for a particular filetype(.pdf, .ppt. .doc etc).7.jpg


    1. Periods(..) - Two periods will separate numbers to see results that contain number in a given range.8.jpg



    Apart from the above tips, there are some symbols and punctuations that also work in Google search.


    1. # (hash sign) - It will search for trending topics that use hashtags.

    1. % (Percent sign) - It helps in searching for percent values.

    1. + (plus sign) - Helps in searching things like blood type.

    1. - (minus sign) - Strongly connected words can be searched with sign.

    1. @ (rate sign) - When you are searching for social tags.

    1. $ (dollar sign) - Helps in searching for prices.


    Google also has some special search features that will help you in finding faster what you are looking for. Type these commands in Googles search bar:-


    1. weather <city> - All the weather forecast details of a particular city will come in result.
    2. <equation> - You can calculate anything like this<4*9>. It will open the calculator with result.
    3. ip address - It will show your public IP Address.
    4. time <city> - Current time of a particular city will come in result.
    5. sunrise<city> - Sunrise time.
    6. sunset<city> - Sunset time.
    7. <amount+unit 1> to <unit 2 > - It will convert the desired unit to another.
    8. define<term> - A dictionary type box will open with the result.
    9. translate <word> to <language> - This will translate a word to a desired language.


    Type these following words in Google search bar and have some fun:-


    1. Zerg Rush

    1. Tilt

    1. do a barrel roll

    1. google in 1998

    1. Atari Breakout(in Google Image search)


    I hope these Google Tips & Tricks will make your search more easier & interesting.

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