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  • How to track your Social Media Efforts? Know it All!

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    Social media marketing eventually has turned out to be a major boon of this digital era, promoting business exclusively. This virtual world has its own set of platforms enhancing marketing opportunity.


    Therefore, multiple brains come into play planting different posts, in the field of social media platforms. So, it is of utmost importance to track these social media efforts for analysing the engagement and ROI from the users.


    Just by observing the statistics and insights would not give a bright idea of people’s activity; because there’s more to it!


    For instance, a business account in an Instagram might see a sudden upsurge regarding followers, but when it comes to generating revenues, the business fails to achieve the goal. The reason behind this is its loss in ROI.


    Hence, acknowledging the importance of monitoring social media post writing, here come the practical methods to track ‘em all for specific platforms: Facebook and Twitter!


    Social Media


    1.  Keep Track on Followers Growth

    Have a computation on total audience growth, as they count. On Facebook, it is easier to avail a detailed analysis of the number of page likes by simply delving into the “Insights tab” by clicking the “go to page”.


    Similarly, on Twitter, have the follower count on the account page itself. Moreover, seek the help of Twitter Analytics to view statistics and trends of the twitter-nation.


    2.  Get acquainted with people’s like and reactions

    One of the most efficient ways to track the social media efforts is via monitoring all he likes and responses of the audience. This is a straight on response metric that helps to define users’ interest in the latest published posts.


    Here too, the “Insight” in Facebook will deliver in-depth measurements of updated reactions giving a clear idea of their likes and dislikes. And to find this data in Twitter, merely click Top Tweets to view the popular posts.


    3.  Know the showbiz time

    Ascertaining the time of peak engagement is critical as it helps to tailor the entire strategy of publishing posts. Hiring SEO content writing services is a good option as they deliver top-quality posts to increase online activity.


    Now, when comes to know about the peak timing of activities on Facebook, one can “go to the posts” tab under Insights. However, in Twitter, description of peak doings is less comprehensive.


    Bonus tip: Social media dashboard like HootSuite and Klout help to keep track of everything.


    4.  Determine the audience reach

    This reach metric combines the total number of regular users and potential followers. For example, if a company proffers constructive product content writing regarding its service/product, the post has a lot of potentials to influence a large mass of people.


    “Total reach” in Facebook and “Display an Impressions column” in Twitter help to determine the extensive audience reach.


    Final thoughts:

    Appropriate tracking of social media efforts reap benefits of one’s company in real time. Hence, set a goal, track it and get the best ROI utilising the virtual platforms with little tricks and quirky tools.

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  • Social media has been the fastest-growing platform to promote a business. However, small businesses who have not been long operating on this platform fail to keep a track of the followings and shares they receive on this platform. This article sheds light on very specific areas one can monitor when promoting the business on social media and take new steps accordingly.

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