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  • How to test Push Notifications manually in any mobile application?

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    Push Notification are the messages or information that are sent to users who have opted-in to receive them. For this, end user must opt-in to receive the alerts. 'Notification' means providing information. The use of push notifications in mobile device is that the technology doesn't require applications to be open on a mobile device in order to receive a message. This permits a mobile device to receive and display text or social media message alerts even when the device's screen is locked and the social media application that is pushing the notification is also closed.

    Testing Scenarios for Push Notification:-

    The must test scenario for push notification is end-to-end notification delivery, sending message somewhere and receiving on the correct device.

    1. Check that the notification received even if the app is not running.

    2. Check that the notification received if the app was open, or during playing a game, or using another app.

    3. Check if the notification received in multiple time zones.

    4. Is it clickable? If it is what should open up on clicking the notification

    5. Check the sound, vibration & blinking

    6. The entry point in the application, for example when you open an IM (WhatsApp, Skype, etc) notification it opens the sending user and last message send to you and not the start (user-list) screen.

    7. Prevent repeating the same notification over and over again by the possible triggers

    8. In foreground: When notification comes in foreground, then the notification will display directly on the app.

    9. In background: When notification comes & device is locked, if user open the device with sliding the notification then the application should get launched.

    10. When notification comes & device is not locked, then the notification comes in banner if user click on the banner then the application launch and if user is unable to click on banner then the notification will be shown in the notification tray. From the notification tray user can click on the notification & user can move to the application.

    11. When user didn't click on a banner then the notification count should get updated on the icon of the application.

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  • Suppose App installed user registered in app and then uninstalled it, in this scenario push notifications which was to send to that user will receive to him when he install same app after 1 month?

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