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  • How to Do Quick Navigation Across MAC OS Settings

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    Let's think about those guys who ask themselves: how to quickly set up Mac OS on a new computer? Any Macintosh veteran knows his machine perfectly well, especially if it uses it for work. But what should a newcomer do? He was completely overwhelmed by impressions the first week after the purchase and only now begins to think that it would be nice to adjust something there and tweak it a little bit something here.


    Mac OS X is famous for its ready-to-go approach. Default settings satisfy most new users. But it lasts only for the short period of time. Every new day brings more and more questions.


    How to set up a Magic Mouse on Mac OS (or just ordinary mouse)? Where do the Mac audio volume settings hide? How can I configure automatic application updates? How do I change the settings of my Apple Cinema Display? And finally - where are the Mac settings located after all?


    Let's start from the very beginning. Do you know how to enter your Mac's system settings?





    It is very easy - send the mouse cursor to the Dock and find there a gray icon with a gear image. You just need to make a click.




    The settings have clear titles, grouped by areas of responsibility. There are not so many items in Mac OS settings window as in the Windows Control Panel. After spending some time researching, you will quickly understand the logic behind them and will be able to navigate quickly.


    However, there is an easier way that will allow you to first, almost instantly open the desired item, and secondly, to find all possible sections responsible for the subject you are interested in.


    The settings window has a search input field. Start typing the text describing the object of your interest, and then the list of options that the system deems appropriate for the given item will be shown.





    Icons related to the searched items will be highlighted, giving an opportunity to instantly determine where you should click. You can also use the keyboard by selecting the desired item with the arrows on the keyboard and pressing "Enter".


    Suppose you want to set up the Trackpad on a MacBook. It’s enough to type the "track" in the search field to see the proposed text options and several highlighted icons indicating suitable sections of the settings.


    Finding the mouse settings in Mac OS also becomes a matter of two seconds. Enter the text "mouse" into the search input field, choose the option you want and adjust your Mouse settings with two clicks.




    Sometimes the search input field for some reason does not activate by itself. In this case, you can still navigate the settings quite quickly without using the mouse. Just press the first letter of the desired item using your keyboard. For example, "B" will highlight Bluetooth settings and "S" will highlight Siri settings. Then you can just click "Enter" - and you are inside.


    There is one issue though. If there are several icons, the names of which begin with the same letter, only one of them gets highlighted and repeated keystrokes do not change anything. In such a case, to move to the desired icon you can use the "Tab" key or the arrow keys.


    That is all for today. Do not forget about your security. Do not install apps from other web stores as you may get infected with adware like Chill Tab virus.

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