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  • How to Display Recent Article Title to Top New Bar of PHP WordPress Site from Specific ID

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    I recently stumbled upon this site and was wondering if someone out there could provide help.


    Currently there is an area in the top bar of my Wordpress site that has a section called "BREAKING" (this "BREAKING" word can be edited in the admin page) ...and then the most popular articles's title/links rotate in next to the word "BREAKING".  See screengrab below for reference:


    Instead of displaying "the most popular articles' title/links", I am looking to do either of these options:


    1) display the most recent articles title/links from a specific category ID

    2) display a title/link from one specific post (based on post ID?)


    I have attached the .php file for this "top bar" for reference.  I feel the update would be around line 73, but am not entirely sure.


    Is there anyone out there who may be able to provide further guidance?


    thank you






 2 Answer(s)

  •  Hello Matt

    For option 1:-

    you can filter the posts by this code below, please put the code in the file where you are fetching posts :-
    <?php $args = array(
    	'posts_per_page'   => 5,
    	'offset'           => 0,
    	'category'         => 3, // Put the ID of category for which the posts you need
    	'category_name'    => '',
    	'orderby'          => 'date',
    	'order'            => 'DESC',
    	'include'          => '',
    	'exclude'          => '',
    	'meta_key'         => '',
    	'meta_value'       => '',
    	'post_type'        => 'post',
    	'post_mime_type'   => '',
    	'post_parent'      => '',
    	'author'	       => '',
    	'author_name'	   =>'',
        'post_status'      => 'publish',
    	'suppress_filters' => true 
    $posts_array = get_posts( $args ); ?>
    I hope I answered your question, Let me know, if this works 
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