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  • How to Check Updates on Your Android Phone

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    In this blog post, I am going to explain how you can check updates of the latest version of  the mobile operating system on your Android phone. I will be discussing here two different methods to do the same. This will help us cover a wide range of Android devices. I will also try to explain how to go about a forced update, in case we don't have the option to check for updates.



    Google regularly provides updates for its Android mobile phone operating system but some of the updates are being taken care of by respective smartphone mobile carriers and manufacturers. Instead of developing all the updates themselves, they tweak the original updates and then provide them to their smartphone users. It is not necessary that every mobile phone will receive the latest updates when it comes into the market, but if your device is latest, it is more likely to receive every update that is released.


    There are different methods for each mobile phone company but in this blog, we'll be discussing only two methods for checking an update. The first one is by using system update tool and the second one is through a phone dial.


    Here is the step-by-step procedure for both of them respectively:

    Method 1: Using The System Update Tool

    • Open the ‘Settings’ menu on your smartphone. There are two ways of doing the same:

    1. Navigate from home screen to the notification bar and select ‘Settings’ icon.

    2. OR just click on ‘Settings’ icon in your main menu screen.

    • Please make sure that your mobile phone is previously connected with some high-speed wifi or a wireless connection because the update file could be large in size and can economically harm you by utilizing your 3G data.

    • Now Scroll down to ‘About’. It may display ‘About device’ or ‘About phone’. Generally, this is usually located at the bottom of your Settings menu.  Click on this to open it.

    • Now you can just click on the "Update" option. This can be labeled as ‘System updates’ or ‘Software update’. It is usually located on the top of the ‘About’ menu of the phone.

    • In case, if you don’t have ‘System updates’ that simply means that your smartphone doesn’t support updates on air. In this case, you have to manually go to the update page and download the update from your respective manufacturer.

    • Now scan for a new update. Just to Tap ‘Check for system updates’ or ‘Updates’.

    • Your smartphone will now scan if any update files are available on your phone.

    • If you’re in urgent need to update your smartphone but your device does not support the same then you can root your smartphone and update it with a custom ROM installation.

    • After this, just tap ‘Install now’ or ‘Install’ to start the installation process after the download is completed.

    Source: WikiHow


    Method 2: Use Phone app (Dial Method)

    • By using your phone dialer app, you can make your mobile smartphone check for available updates. Sometimes this technique comes in handy when you don’t receive an automatic update on your smartphone.

    • Please note that this method cannot create updates by itself if none is available.


    • Just dial  the code *#*#2432546#*#* on your dialer app and notice that your phone automatically checks for updates.

    • Find the "check-in succeeded" notification at your smartphone notifications area. This doesn't mean that updates will surely be available but it  will just confirm that the connection was a success.

    • If available, you can download an update and a notification will be displayed on your mobile screen with the set of instructions on beginning the download.

    I hope that you find this tutorial insightful. For any query or suggestions kindly drop your comments below.

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