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  • How Social Media Enhance Student's Creative Thinking for Marketing

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    Social media become the part and parcel of everyone lives. There are many debates conducted that how social media play their important role in our lives or to improve the relationship, to get new ideas and improve creative thinking and now much more helpful for the students. The users of various social media are increasing day by day. As we see Facebook users are increasing by 75 Million to 600 million. Same goes for the other platform as well.


    Visual arts, animation, designing art and creative thinking are very important for social media networking. Deliver images and create video content is more important than writing text status on a social network like Facebook. All social media networks are work on the different design and add their creativity. Nowit’s time to use social media in a different way and use this tool to our advantage and for our generation creativity and boost students talent in front of the world.


    There is also question arise that what is creativity and creative thinking? It is an approach to finding out something new, unique and innovative idea. It may be any product, services, art painting, and an innovative solution to any problem. Creative thinking is a skill. It is also found that by giving individual training of creativity and problem-solving issues.


    According to Hayden, social media is a place in which you find various direction to get desire information like you can watch the related video, read blogs and articles. There is also a research conducted in which it is found that creative training program helps to improve students attitude toward the creative work and improve their job performance.


    Combining the teaching of creativity with social media

    The University of South Australia introduces a course for creative thinking and ideas creation. These courses contributed to the lives of students by providing acknowledgment of creative thinking process. It helps students to build their confidence and trained to think new ideas.


    The Pros of Using Social Media

    Below there are some benefits of social media that help students to serve creative thinkers.


    Source of Inspiration

    Various social media support different kinds of media like pictures, videos, GIFs, animated graphics. This support helps all the artists, designers, and creative thinker to discover innovative ideas and depict your perspective to the other people with the help of creativity in your project. for example, we search different ideas for designing and now students just join the different Facebook group, Pinterest, and other groups to get the ideas of thousands innovative design in less time and effort.


    Social media networking expert contributes different designer by interacting designer group who have the same interest. Such as, is a video social media platform that is designed for expert artistic and for professional videos. There are some other websites as well in which designers, artist, and photographers can upload their creative work and receive appreciation and comments from your audience and readers.


    Learning and Expanding Knowledge

    Various educational academies and creative bodies use social media to deliver news and other resources. Students also feel comfortable to follow up them on social media platform because these websites are convenient and easily accessible for them to promote their projects directly through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profiles.


    Also, it is glad to say that social media is used as a foundation for academic learning, but actually presently there are scholars who share their research paper on social media, and


    Learning Groups

    Due to a social media platform, students create groups on Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. By this way, different people interact with each other who have same skills and interests. These students share their ideas and discuss together. College and universities students and designers create groups for particular subjects and for sharing ideas, projects and assignment. Also, these social media learning groups substitute traditional group because you will interact with this group at any time. 


    Promotional Tools

    You can design creative project now it’s time to promote your product or services. On the other side social media are also very helpful to promote your creative thinking and new ideas for projects. Show your creative work among work on Facebook and other platforms. Like upload pictures of your painting, handmade craft, and home décor things and much more on the social media platforms. Some social media platform you can use for your job search like LinkedIn.


    Acquire real-world data.

    Students use the social media platform to collect real-world data and information. For example, you can use Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to conduct a survey of any creative projects


    Produce creative ideas

    Innovative ideas come when students thinking are creative and it all about happens when students use social media effectively and efficiently. Use the search engine in a productive way so you can become a success in your life. This world always supports those people who come up with the creative ideas.



    Social media is always here for your help. As we also know that teenagers are more quickly adopt technologies and create craeti9ve ideas than adults. It is vital for the instructors to help students to become more creative thinker with the help of social media if they use this effectively for learning purpose.


    Author Bio

    Kristina Gordon is a digital content producer and content writer in Australian assignment writing service. She specializes in various writing and marketing blogs also promote. Kristina Gordon has created great variations in the different type of subject physics, English, assignment, etc. She also managed team successfully she has spend time social media.

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