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  • How AI makes your Wordpress site Smarter?

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    You might have heard or read about the benefits of artificial intelligence in web or mobile app development. But, do you know AI can also impact the performance and functionality of your WordPress based website. And not only this, it can enhance overall user engagement, reduce bounce rate, maximize the security, as well as curate your WP website content. Quite interesting! Right?


    In this blog post, we will figure out some of the most crucial aspects of AI for your WordPress website. In this article, we will find answers to questions like:


     What are the benefits of machine learning based AI for your WP powered website?

     How e-commerce AI is changing WordPress shops?

     What are some good AI-based WordPress plugins?


    Let’s dive into the knowledge:


    How is AI revolutionizing the WordPress sites?

    One of the crucial advantages of WordPress is its popularity and flexibility. According to a recent web development stat, WordPress is powering 34% of the websites. In addition to this, the platform ensures that it takes into account user requirements and the latest technological developments. One of these latest technologies that have a great impact on the content management system is Artificial Intelligence. Most of the people do not realize that AI converts WordPress in several ways. This helps publishers improve the user experience of their interface by providing better services. Furthermore, this latest technology also helps webmasters manage their units more efficiently. Here is the list of some of the most effective ways in which technology innovations can affect sites built with the world's most popular web development platform.


    1. AI provides personalized suggestion to visitors

    For a long time duration, it was believed that only high-end resource-rich sites could offer recommendations tailored to their users. Although, even if you own a small site, you don't need to hire WordPress developers to implement this feature in their interface. The function can be merged simply by installing the appropriate plugin. In addition to this, there are machine learning plug-ins that teach you how people interact with your interface. Then they use the knowledge to create recommendations tailored to your visitors. This also improves the web experience and encourages readers to spend more time researching the content they are interested in.


    2. Provide the best customer service

    A common example of artificial intelligence and machine learning you can see is a chatbot. Most of the websites have one site installed to answer visitors' queries. WordPress users have a number of default plug-ins available in order to help them implement Live Chat. These tools and bots interact with your visitors and also track their behavior. This helps them to better understand different types of visitors and their behavior and search patterns. Over time, these bots help better than ever, which means most of the customers are happy to serve you.


    3. Ensure better web security

    Optimum web security is another crucial aspect where machine learning and artificial intelligence have a huge impact on it. There are many powerful security components with foolproof malware detection and other features of security that provide a better interface with these technologies. In addition to this, these tools also define patterns of interaction between comments and other users in order to detect and block spam and other threats. Furthermore, they also automatically update their databases so as to record all newly discovered threats. This means that the site is protected from all types of viruses and other threats effectively.


    4. Curating Content For the Site

    The content curation is a crucial area where AI is working to transform WordPress in a significant manner. Instead of finding relevant content materials on your own, you can easily install various tools with machine learning or artificial intelligence capabilities for this. There are various additional components that are trained by recording comments of the visitors on current content. Then they use this particular report to find related material from various other sources. This not only makes it easier so as to find new problems for your WP powered site, but it also ensures that only the best content that resonates with your audience is identified and shown. In addition to this, this means that these innovative tools will also help enhance user participation in your interface.


    5. Use sentiment analysis to assess posts

    How do you understand if the content you want to post will be liked by your audience? This is a crucial aspect, as long as webmasters struggle with it. After publishing, it is easy to evaluate the performance of any blog or article, but what if you could get an idea of how your audience previously interacted with it? Now there are some plugins that can help you. Once activated, you can evaluate your data and find potential emotions like disgust, joy, anger, and waking up in the audience. In addition to this, this will help adjust the text in order to perfectly align with the behavior of your site visitors.


    6. Improve web search functionality

    Have you ever thought about how the Google search engine gives you an accurate suggestion before writing your entire search term? The world's popular search engine uses machine learning in order to provide users with a better search experience and result. WordPress users now have the same functionality. There are add-ons on the web that include auto-completing. Now, even if users write the wrong terms, they will make the right suggestions for the searches.


    7. Offer a better experience for online shopping

    Powered by WordPress, WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce based solutions in the world. Artificial intelligence helps online store owners provide customers with a better shopping experience. In addition to this, they can use machine learning or AI to provide better recommendations for the products and include chatbots in order to better serve customers. Moreover, this technology also helps store owners discover fake reviews as well as spam in the comments. They use machine learning and AI in order to gain a better understanding of their customers' behavior.

    That being said, let’s take a look at the WordPress plugins that are using AI and machine learning.



    1. WordLift

    WordLift integrates its web service with your WordPress site. It provides tips for search engine optimization in order to improve their content using the knowledge graph. Analyzes your content to display facts, figures, and media so as to align and build context relationships between your articles, leading to better recommendations of content. This creates a smarter knowledge graph when adding more content to the site.


    2. Akismet

    It is one of two pre-installed plugins for every WordPress based site. This plugin uses artificial intelligence and machine learning concept to smartly detect spam comments. Akismet, used by millions of websites, has been improving over the years to discover almost all the spam that robots have provided. In addition to this, tt can also detect spam comments manually sent by various native users, learn about millions of site samples and learn from errors. You can also refer to the Akismet Beginner's Guide for instructions on how to set it up on your WordPress powered site for more details.


    3. After the deadline

    It was previously available as a standalone WordPress plugin but it is now available as part of the JetPack component suite. It is an AI-powered grammar proofing WP based tool that analyzes the readability of your content in order to help you write better. It supports American, Canadian and British English with limited French and German grammar support. In addition to this, it is also available as an add-on to Google Chrome as JetPack module alternative.


    4. Google Translator

    If you want users to easily translate your site’s content without creating a multilingual WordPress site in a real manner, the easiest way is Google Translate. It brings the machine learning feature of Google to your WordPress site. For translating the language, you can simply choose the languages that you want displayed on your site. Then, you can add a translator to your WP based site using the shortcode or sidebar tool.


    5. MyCurator Content Curation

    MyCurator is a cloud content streaming service. Adding a content aggregator that powers an artificial intelligence that displays content related to the topics you select and enhances results by learning what you vote for or add.

    With the help of this tool, you can create a structured content section on your site by uploading the best content indexes relevant to your audience. In addition to this, you can add any article you want to your homepage with a snippet and link back to the original source.


    6. WatsonFinds

    It uses the cognitive artificial intelligence of IBM Watson in order to analyze the emotional impact of your content. In addition to this, it helps you learn how to improve user engagement by just adjusting the emotional value of your content.


    Once activated, this plugin adds the WatsonFinds icon to the WordPress News Editor. Clicking on it will cause a popup window with the emotional result for your content. Depending on the words you choose and the overall data context, the plugin will give you an idea of how your content feels your readers.


    7. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

    This is a popular plugin that allows you to scan your WordPress site for malware and malicious codes. This plugin is especially useful if you suspect that the WordPress website has been blacklisted by the search engines or hacked by any cybercriminal. The plugin uses machine learning or artificial intelligence in order to learn from the wrong positives and enhances the results of the usage-based survey. While it also helps wipe an infected site, it does not protect your WP powered site from being compromised.



    8. Live Chat - 24 hours a day

    This WP plugin provides an artificial intelligence based chat agent for your website. If you can’t add live chat support to your WordPress site, this bot can do basic tasks by guiding users in the right direction. You will need to register for a free account on the plugin website. After this, learning will start when you use it. In addition to this, you can teach what you say and how to answer user questions. This can be useful if users participate on your site and produce more leads.


    Let’s Wrap Up:

    In this blog, we mentioned some of the notable ways in which artificial intelligence is transforming your WordPress websites. This innovative and latest technology is helping WP website owners offer a better user experience to their visitors, improve website performance and many more features. IF you choose a good web development company, you can easily integrate your AI or machine learning to your WordPress based website.

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