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  • Format of Test Cases Templates in Testing

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    The Test Case Templates are the document that describe and cover the Inputs, events and Expected results of the Application. Templates determine that the Features of an application Is Working Correctly. Test case templates contain all particulars of test cases. Templates Is in a form of table with Column names.

    For Example:

    A.Templates Heading :

    You have to give the heading of the sheet. i.e "Test Case".

    B. Sub headings Like:

    1. Product name : Define the name of your project.

    2. Version: Define the which build you are testing. For Ex: pro_101,Pro_102,Pro_103...

    3. Feature: Define the module you are working on. For Ex: Log-in Page, Home Page, Registration Form and So on.

    4. Sub Features: Define the feature under the main Page.

    5. Category : Define the Type testing tester is doing. For Ex: Validation, GUI, Functional.

    7. Created by: Test Name.

    8. Created Date: Define Created date of test case.

    9. Review by : Name of TL.

    10.Review Date : Define the Review date of test Case by TL.

    C. Templates contain 8 basic column names in table:-

    1. First Column "Test case ID" : Define the Sequence Number of test cases.

    2. Second Column "Objective" : Define the what tester going to verify.

    3. Third Column "Steps": Define the Steps of Execution.

    4. Fourth Column "Test Data": Define the Test Input Test use.

    5. Fifth Column "Expected Result": Define what Should be the Out put.

    6. Sixth Column "Actual Result": Define What is the Actual response.

    7. Seventh Column "Status": Define the whether test is PASS or FAIL.

    alt text

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