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  • Few Important Documents For Any Software Testing

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    There are many types of documents which are utilized at the time of any software testing. These testing documents are normally created both the time ie ahead of software testing and throughout the software testing. These testing documents are very useful and helpful in maximum areas. Software testing documents helps in, calculating the testing exertion  needed, Requirement tracing, testing coverage area etc. There are many documents, few of them which are usually used by the peoples are described as below --

    • Testing Plan
    • Test Cases
    • Testing Scenario
    • Traceability Matrix


    Testing Plan:- Test plan is the one of the most important document among all the testing documents. Generally, a test plan sketches the schemes or procedure, which is normally used to test any application or software. Test plan include more things like, testing environment in which application testing will be conducted, total number of resources which will be utilized, agenda for the testing operations and the limitations of the testing operations. Normally, QA Lead is the responsible to create the test plan.

    Any test plan contains the following things :-

    •  Presentation of the test plan document.
    •  List of references.
    •  Details of testing objective.
    •  List of process overview.
    •  Listing of features to be tested.
    •  Listing of features not to be tested.
    •  Different approaches which will be used in testing.


    Test Cases:- Test cases are a group of conditions, set of execution steps and also the inputs which are normally used when user conducts any testing activity. The main purpose of this action is to make sure either any software pass or fail in conditions of its behaviour and all other situations. There are different kinds of test cases few of them are as- functional test cases, non-functional test cases, UI test cases, positive test cases, negative test cases, physical test cases etc.

    There are few components which are available in all type of test cases. These component are as below:-

    • Test Case ID
    • Application Module
    • Application Version
    • Test Steps
    • Test Data
    • Expected Result
    • Actual Result
    • Test Status
    • Post Conditions
    • Pre Conditions


    Testing Scenario:- Test scenario is normally a single line declaration. This inform us which section of the application will be verified. We can also assure that all work flow of the application is verified or not from end to end, by using test scenarios. For any test scenario there are so many test steps but for any test case there is only a single test step.


    Traceability Matrix:- Traceability matrix is also an important testing document. This is also called as the ‘Requirement Traceability Matrix’. Generally this matrix is used for the tracing any requirement while we develop any software. These requirements may be related with the designing, coding etc.

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