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  • Different Roles And Liabilities Of Any QA Lead

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    QA lead is the right one person who manage the overall quality of any product or software, which is ready to deliver to the client. QA lead assure that the software or product is ready as per the client’s requirements with high quality, before any shipment of product or software. QA lead is a person who is responsible for the quality of any product or software. QA lead also manages his/her QA team of QA engineers.  

    There are many liabilities and roles of any QA lead, few of them is mentioned as below --

    • Leadership Role
    • Determining Testing Policies
    • Determining Quality Matrixs
    • Process enhancements
    • Reporting

    Now I am describing here few points which is performed by the QA lead under these above mentioned roles and liabilities  --


    Leadership Role:- There are many points which we have to cover to perform the leadership. Few of them are mentioned as below:-

    1- Build up a team and select the proper number and capabilities of resources.

    2- Creation the targets and objectives for QA Engineers.

    3- Arrange the disputes if any, among the team members.

    4- Arrange the trainings if any need for the QA team. Training may be Functional, Non-Functional or Behavioral .

    5- Assure that extremely simulated environment is creating in the team.


    Determining Testing Policies:- There are so many testing policies, anyone can utilize these policies as per their project requirement. Few are mentioned as below:-

    1- Planning and designing different milestones or phases and chores for executing all types of testing.

    2- Determining all types of approaches for making test plan and also various stages of testing cycle.

    3- Encourage the team always to innovate.

    4- Analysis to all test approaches and notice that all types of testing (Functional Testing, Unit Testing, Stress Testing, Performance Testing etc) has been performed by the QA engineers.

    5- Assure that all the assigned work or task should be completed by all QA members on timely with the high quality.


    Determining Quality Matrix:- QA lead should have always determine about the ‘Quality Metrics’ to his/her all team members according to the project. Few points are mentioned as below:-

    1- Create the QA team and update them about the quality matrix and also solve all types of doubts or queries.

    2- Determined the quality morality and also metrics for the running application or projection.

    3- QA lead have to prepare a record of milestones and concerns then fixed few standards to verify the quality.


    Process enhancements:- Here are few points mentioned related process enhancement. These points should be taken by the QA lead as the liabilities:-

    1- Stimulate to the team to increase the proficiency, after that few time will saved and this saved time can be utilized in other works of project.

    2- Assure that the all types of testing and all other types of activities related project are enhanced regularly.

    3- Update all types of enhancement to the clients who is related with that particular project.


    Reporting:- Under this role many points are covered few of them are mentioned as below:-

    1- Dispatch clearly, daily status report to the higher management on regular basis.

    2- Collect the status report of all team member and take the suitable actions consequently.

    3- Whenever management gives any feedback than take a proper action for this.

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