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  • Differences between Functional Vs Non-Functional Testing?

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    Functional Testing Non-Functional Testing
    Functional testing is performed by utilizing the practical detail/specification given by the client and verifies the framework against the useful necessities/requirements. Non-Functional testing verifies the Performance, unwavering/reliability quality, adaptability and other non-Functional parts of the product framework.
    Functional test is performed first Non Functional testing always to be executed after Functional testing
    Manual or automation tools/apparatuses can be utilized for Functional testing Tools will be viable for this testing
    Business necessities are the material to Functional testing Execution/performance parameters like rate/speed, versatility/scalability are inputs to non-Functional testing.
    Functional testing portrays/describes what the item does Nonfunctional testing describes how great the item functions
    Simple to do manual testing Intense to do manual testing
    Types of Functional testing are:-

    - Unit Testing
    - Smoke Testing
    - Sanity Testing
    - Integration Testing
    - White box testing
    - Black Box testing
    - User Acceptance testing
    - Regression Testing
    Types of Non functional testing are:-

    - Performance Testing
    - Load Testing
    - Volume Testing
    - Stress Testing
    - Security Testing
    - Installation Testing
    - Penetration Testing
    - Compatibility Testing
    - Migration Testing

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