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  • Difference Between The Code Based Testing, Code Driven Testing & Code Free Testing

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    Hello, Readers ….

    In this blog I am trying to explain the difference among the ‘Code Based’, ‘Code Driven’ and ‘Code Free’ testing in perspective of software testing. Mentioned below as:-


    Code Based Testing:- Code-based testing assures to the testing which is distrained on the coding improvement, coding investigation and also unit testing in the software development procedure.

    Mainly code based testing contains the subsequent  testings mentioned as below:-

    1- Dynamic Testing:- This covers mainly 3 sections like ‘Path Coverage’, ‘Branch Coverage’ and ‘Statement Coverage’.

    2- Static Testing:- This testing technique mainly contains these sections like ‘Code Inspection’, ’Code Review’, ‘Code Walkthrough’ and ‘Code Audit’.


    Code Driven Testing:- Code driven testing is also known as the ‘test driven development’. This can be understood by these steps--

    Step 1- Add the test, which is sufficient to fail, any code.

    Step 2- Execute a complete test suite to confirm that the new test (under the test suit), are flunk.

    Step 3- Code is renovated to produce it to pass the new tests from the suit.

    Step 4- Once more execute the test cases. If these flunk then we require to renovate the code and if these will pass then the next step is to perform the same method once again for the other development element.


    Code Free Testing:- Code free testing is an approach for testing which acted beyond the code execution. Review and static analysis, which are static testing approaches, are the section of code-free testing.   

    1- Review:- This approach is utilized for the finding and removing bugs or clarities in the documents like test cases, design, requirements etc.

    2- Static Analysis:- This approach is utilized for analysis to the architectural issues that can control to the defects.

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