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  • Defect Report Fundamentals

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    Defect Report:

    Testers creates a defect report after finding the defect or bugs. Defect report is used to explain or describe the bug or issue to the developers in a clear manner so that they can easily reproduce the issue and fix it.


    Defect Report Template:

    Mostly, the companies uses defect reporting tool to report the bugs, so their elements can vary. But, the most common elements of a defect report are following:


    ID Unique identifier assigned to the defect
    Project Project name
    Product Product name
    Release Version Release version of the product
    Module Module in which the bug was found
    Detected Build Version Build version in which the defect was found
    Summary Summary of the bug in clear manner
    Description Describe the bug in brief but keep it simple and in understandable form
    Steps to Replicate Describe the bug step by step to replicate it and in a proper order
    Actual Result The actual result you get after executing the steps
    Expected Results The expected results which u get from the requirement
    Attachments Attach the screenshots and logs if any
    Remarks Comments on the bug if any
    Defect Severity Severity of the Bug
    Defect Priority Priority of the Bug
    Reported By Name of the person who reported the bug
    Assigned To Name of the person who will fix the bug
    Status Status of the Bug
    Fixed Build Version Build version of the product in which bug was fixed



    Reporting Defects Effectively:

    It is necessary that tester should report the bugs clearly and in understandable form so that time and effort will not be wasted in trying to replicate the bug. Here are some important points:


    Be specific:
    Specify the exact action. Sometimes, a bug is occurred in a specific scenario or in specific browser so explain the proper scenario or the browser or condition in which the bug was found.


    Be detailed:
    Provide the complete information. In other words, do not be lazy.


    Reproduce the defect:
    Cover the whole bug and its all related scenarios before reporting the bug. Do not be impatient. Try to reproduce it more than once. If you are unable to reproduce the bug then try to recall the test condition and test data and then try it again.


    Review the report:
    Do not submit the bug as soon as you write the report. Review the report at least once and remove the typos if any.


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