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  • Defect Management Process

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    Defect management process involves following steps::

    • Defect Prevention
    • Deliverable Base lining
    • Defect Naming
    • Defect Resolution Process improvement
    • Management Reporting

    Defect Discovery:- Identify the defects as early as possible and fix them before the cost of fixing becomes expensive.
    Steps involved in defect discovery are:

    • Discover defects before they become problem
    • Reports these defects to developer for to fix
    • Take acknowledgement from developer


    Deliverable Base lining: Base lining refers when the work product reaches a predefined milestone in its development.When we met the milestone, the product moves from one development stage to another stage.


    Defect Resolution: Once the developers acknowledge the defect, resolution process starts. Steps of defect resolutions are:

    • Developers determine the importance of fixing the defect.
    • Developer schedule when to fix it or order of fixing the defects.
    • Developer notifies the all the relevant parties for discussion regarding defects.


    Process Improvement: Defect representative of weakness in the process.So one must go to process to understand what caused the defect and should revisit the validation process. This is not just a process nourished to prevent defects besides this it is also to strengthen to find defects that which are created and not yet discovered.


    Management Reporting: It is important that the defect information, which is obvious from the defect management process, must be analyzed and communicated to the project management and senior management. The information constitute defect rates, defect trends , types of defects and cost besides these, mean time to failure, defect removal efficiency is the most useful metrics.


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