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  • Declaring modules in Angularjs

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    A module is a container for different part of an App which includes controller, services, filters, directives and many more.

    We can also say that it is a collection of controllers, filters, services, directives, etc.

    Syntax for creating a module:

    var demoModule = angular.module('demoModule', []);

    In this, angular.module is a global for creating and retrieving the angular modules.

    In this, [] parameter is used to define the dependent modules.

    Syntax for adding the controllers, directives and services in the module:

    For Services:

    demoModule.service('demoService', function(){...});

    For Directives:

    demoModule.directive("demoDirective", function(){...});

    For Controller:

    demoModule.controller("demoCtrl", function($scope) {...});

    Hope this will help you with module.

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