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  • Database Testing

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    Database : Database is a collection of data.
    Database is a secure place to store all your important data. The data need to be stored in an effecient manner or secure ware because data is very important.Testing the backend databases, like comparing the actual results with expected results.

    The data is stored in the database in tables. However, tables may not be the only objects in the database. A database may have other objects like views, stored procedures and functions. These other objects help the users access the data in required forms. The data itself is stored in the tables.

    Difference b/w User-interface Testing & Back-end Testing.

    *User-Interface Testing:This Types of testing is known as Graphical user interface testing or Front-end testing. On the other hand, Backend testing is also know as data testing.

    *User Interface testing deals with all testable items which are open to the user for viewership & interaction like forums, Presentations,Menus & Reports etc whereas Backend testing deals with all the testable items which are gennerally hidden from the user for viewership.This include like DBMS like Oracle, My SQL, SQL server etc.

    *User-interface testing include validate the text boxes, select drop downs ,Calendars & buttons, Navigation from one page to another,display of images as well & Look & feel of the overall application whereas Backend testing involve validating the schemas, database tables, key & Indexes, stored procedures,triggers, database server validations & validating data duplication.

    *As under the frontend testing,the tester must be thoroughly knowledgeable about the business requirements as well as the usage of the development tools.On the other hand, The tester in order to be able to perform back end testing must have strong background in database server & structured query Language concepts.

    How to Test Database testing
    * Prepare the Environment
    * Run a Test
    * Check Test results
    * Validate
    * Report the findings

    Type of Databases
    * Microsoft SQL server
    * Oracle
    * My SQL
    * SYBASE

    If we want to work with database , we need to have some kind of language & that language is called SQL

    SQL has three important types of command:
    DDL : Data definition language
    DDL Uses CREATE, ALTER, RENAME, DROP and TRUNCATE to handle tables (and indexes).

    • DML: Data manipulation language
      Includes statements to add, update and delete records.

    • DCL: data control language
      Deals with giving the authorization to users for manipulation and access to the data. Grant and Revoke are the two statements used.

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