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  • DataTables: Table plug-in for jQuery

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    DataTables is a jQuery plug-in designed for creating flexible HTML tables.

    It has following features:

    * It provides Instant search, Pagination and multi-column ordering
    * It has Supports for any data source like DOM, Javascript, Ajax and server-side processing.
    * It is easily theme-able: DataTables, jQuery UI, Bootstrap, Foundation
    * It provides a variety of extensions inc. Editor, Buttons, FixedColumns and more
    * It has Extensive options and a beautiful, expressive API
    * Free open source software

    To get started with DataTables, you have to include two files in your page. one is css styling file and another is script file for data tables. These files are available in CDN.

    CSS: //
    JS: //

    You have to initialise the table with this function call:


    You can see demo here.

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