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  • Credibility/Validity

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    There have been numerous studies on credibility in life and especially in administration/management. It appeared like an interesting subject to read and think about. I am not going into a tremendous criticism simply making a few observations.

    In this world we live amazing our believability. It takes years to develop a level of credibility and you need to keep up it continually or lose it in a moment!



    Credibility/Validity is a crucial feature for a leader and trusted counsellor/advisor. One of the interesting feature is that there are three levels to your credibility. To be particular how you see yourself, how others see you & finally how you are seen inside of the organization. The recognition by others maybe very local but for some managers and advisors/counsellors who work globally this can have an extended web! Each of these should be in some type of arrangement in order to be meaningful and deliver the results.


    If we struggle to trust the persona we anticipate how might we succeed? Look at effective credible people they have an aura of success. They anticipate achievement/success. In management and in life we should be positive to keep moving forward and building up our credibility.


    If you believe you're the cat’s stubble/whiskers and you colleagues have an alternate opinion. This would not be great. You need to attempt through a 360 degree assessment to ensure some alignment on this.

    Then look a little farther in your association. How are you doing?  How is your management group getting along? Your company overall?


    Credibility/Validity is a definitive foundational for effective:-


    * Leadership/Team Building

    * Relationship Development

    * Coaching and Teaching

    * Sales


    Credibility/Validity is; "The level of respect others have about you", As credibility/validity goes up, so does others eagerness to;


    * Believe what you accept

    * Value what you esteem

    * Support your arrangements/plans

    * Help you accomplish/achieve  your objectives

    * Be honest with you

    * Trust you


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