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  • 5 Things to Remember While Managing Multiple Projects

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    Are you looking forward to manage multiple projects? If yes, then you have come to the right place because here we are discussing five things one must pay heed to run multiple projects smoothly. Many project managers shy away from taking up multiple projects, thinking multiple project management is an uncanny ability that only a handful of people have. Well, the belief is nothing more than a fallacy. Read this blog to learn how anyone can ensure flawless, seamless management of multiple projects.


    5 Things To Remember While Managing Multiple Projects


    The Better The Collaboration, The Higher The Success Ratio In Multiple Projects


    First thing first, before you kick off a project, make sure to assess the skills and availability of members to constitute a team. This wards off the risk of project delay and low quality. But how you are supposed to do that? Let’s find out!


    Convene an initial meeting to determine what actions can be taken to attain synergy among team members and achieve desired goals. Once you figure out the best way out, the next big step is to allocate tasks to the team members. A key to remember here is that it’s very important to keep the morale of your team members high and take the project in the right direction. In the meeting, you must paint a clear picture as to how you envision the project. Besides, be open to the feedback of your team members, since it helps in making positive changes and become more pragmatic.


    The Takeaway: Efficient collaboration keeps your project on track and helps the team members improve end-user experience.


    Devise A Clear Strategy For Each Project


    A plan of action is a must-to-have-thing for each team member. You should encourage your team members to conduct a task analysis of their assignments.


    The flow of a task should be like this:


    You also need to hire team leaders to reduce your burden of managing teams and projects. Now comes the ways to enable effective execution of our plans, for which you need a 5-pronged strategy:



    Without a clear plan for each project, your stint to manage multiple projects could end up being a disaster. Therefore, project management planning is a matter of paramount importance. So, to achieve all these 5-pronged strategies to need to pick a project management tool that serve all these features all at one place, so that you will be able to manage your multiple IT projects with great ease.



    Plan The Deployment Of Resources


    While handling multiple projects, it’s very important to effectively deploy your resources. You resources are your team members, the tools required to execute the assigned tasks and appropriate budget to handle the cost of tools’ maintenance. You must determine the must-haves and lay out a clear plan about who among your team members is a fit for an individual project. Doing so will help you divide your people into the adroit teams of professionals and prevent you from hogging on resources.


    Set Strict Deadlines To Ensure Timely Completion Of Each Project 


    One of the best ways to ensure effective team management is stick to strict deadlines. For this, you can put into use a task tracker in which each team member is required to update the daily progress of their respective tasks along with the dates they foresee the completion. Such a strategy helps you get a clear picture of how your team members are performing. Also, any lag will not miss your eye, so you can pin the problems in the bud before they begin taking a toll on your projects.


    In case you see a high priority project will not meet its deadline, you can shift some team members from a low-priority project to the high-priority one in order to meet the deadline and make the client happy.


    The lesson learnt: For effective management of multiple projects, it’s imperative to set strict deadlines and track the tasks being performed by each team member.


    Document Management System


    Successful management of multiple projects entails documentation of numerous reports. For instance, project plans, resource allocation reports, reports generated by task trackers, etc. Expert project managers recommend single document management since it rids the risk of losing important data due to a user’s carelessness. There are many online software available in the tech market to flawlessly, effectively manage your projects. Many document management software work very well on both desktop and mobile devices.


    Single document management ensure that all your documents are under one roof. Moreover, it streamlines various aspects of your multiple projects.


    Juggling between multiple projects requires meticulous understanding of each project and correct planning. Resource management, task allocation, strict deadline and document management give rise to smooth execution of each plan. Following these strategies, project managers can easily handle multiple projects and ensure their timely completion without compromising on quality. Want to share more on how one can effectively manage multiple projects? Please share your views in the comment box below.

    5 Things to Remember While Managing Multiple Projects

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