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  • Create Configuration Files in AWS and Resolve URL Re-direction in Django App

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    Answer it

    1. Create configuration files that achieve the following

       - Creates a VPC with appropriate settings for an Elastic Beanstalk environment to run within it
       - Deploys a dockerized Django app to Elastic Beanstalk on AWS inside the VPC
       - Deploys an RDS instance inside the VPC
       - Trigger a run of the test suite on Travis CI

    2. Describe your troubleshooting process to identify the causes of these symptoms:

       a. Context:
          You have a Django app running via uWSGI and supervisord inside a docker 
          container deployed using Elastic Beanstalk. Alongside this is an nginx 
          container redirecting traffic on port 80 to port 443, traffic on port 
          443 is proxied to your Django app's docker container via some TCP socket.

          - Hitting the site in the browser using HTTP you get redirected to the HTTPS url
          - The HTTPS url shows a blank page but the loading symbol on your browser is spinning
          - The request enventually times out

       b. Context: same as above (minus the error symptoms)

          - Hitting the site in the browser using HTTPS loads a blank page

          - The browser shows the SSL certificate has loaded correctly and is validKind regards,

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