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  • Breadcrumbs Testing

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    What Is Breadcrumb ?

    Breadcrumb is a canonical or hierarchical sequence of hypertext links appeared on top of the web page or any web site. Breadcrumbs denote the position of the operator or the person inside the website hierarchy.This is a website navigation approach.This approach is also applied to as a breadcrumb trail.


    Where The Breadcrumbs Show Up ?

    Breadcrumbs are generally display horizontally on top of the web page furnishing links back to all prior page that the operator or user navigates through in sequence to obtain the current page. When we see this then the sequence of this breadcrumb will be display like -

    Home Page >> Section Page >> Subsection Page


    Types Of Breadcrumb:-

    There are mainly three types of breadcrumb. Mentioned as below-

    •  Location-based
    •  Attribute-based
    •  Path-based


    Few Benefits Of Applying Breadcrumbs:-

    There are many benefits of using breadcrumbs few are mentioned below:-

    •  Appropriate for the consumers
    •  Smooth to reverse
    •  Decrease the clicks
    •  Decrease the bounce rates
    •  Displays consumers hierarchy
    •  Big usability

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