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  • Animation in jquery

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    Animation in jquery is used for creative designing and give an amazing view to the user. A wide range of effects is possible using jquery animate function, here I am showing you a simple line of code example that will provide to a text and div, new look, touchup and add also effects to it, User can take help from this code it can be used for the animation instead of using flash. User can also add effect like Fade-in and Fade-out, and also add speed on click event.

    Source Code:

    <script src=""></script>
            $("#p1").css("color", "green")
            $("div").animate({ left: '250px',
                opacity: '0.5',
                height: '150px',
                width: '150px'
    <button>click me</button>
    <p id="p1">jQuery is fun!! push me up/i'll automatically puch down</p>
    <button>Start Animation</button>
    <div style="background:#5DA110;height:100px;width:100px;position:absolute;"></div>


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