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  • 4 Benefits of Custom Web Design to Help Increase Business

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    There are many types of website design styles in the industry today. There are custom web design styles and template-based designs. While each style is great, they have some differences and benefits that you should consider when building a website. 


    However, in this article, we'll focus on the custom website design and why it may be a good option for you. For instance, a custom web design focuses solely on your brand and nothing else. So let’s discuss these benefits in detail to guide your decision. But before all that, let’s explain the term a bit. 


    What is a custom web design? 


    A custom web design is a style of web development that fully focuses on the brand's requirements from scratch. It entails designing a new website with unique code to ensure total control of everything that appears on the website. The designer doesn’t use templates, or does he use ready-made graphics. Instead, everything is based on the client's wants and the web designer's skills in translating those requirements into the design. 


    Using customizable templates is not a custom design because you only change the features with your information. From the above, it is evident that custom web designs take time, money, and a great deal of expertise. But there are a lot of benefits in using this design style.  


    Benefits of Custom Web Design 


    1. It differentiates your brand. 


    One of the obvious benefits of choosing a custom web design is that it focuses entirely on your brand. The features, functionalities, graphics, presentations, integrations, degree of responsiveness will be tailored to your brand. You get to choose what should be and what shouldn't be on the website. 


    This is unlike the template-based styles where you use the same theme as hundreds of other brands out there. Everybody buys the theme and uses it on different websites. So, nothing is setting you apart from other businesses.


    But when your website is customized, everything will be as you've specified and nothing more or less. 


    2. Lesser risks of code vulnerabilities 


    Custom web designs are usually unique in their codes. They are not made with open-source codes, or are they built with website builders. Everything comes from the designer and is not shared publicly with other users. Moreover, the programmer will be checking and updating the code to ensure that there’ll be no issues with it. This alone can keep it safe from vulnerabilities that non-custom sites face. Also, the code will be clean, thereby ensuring fast loading speed and responsiveness.  


    But when many websites use the same software or the same theme, the chances of facing the same threat are higher. This is why open-source CRMs or website builders exposes website to many issues. When one of these vulnerabilities is discovered in one site, all the websites using the same tools or themes will be affected. 


    3. Custom Web Designs Scales Easily 


    One of the great things about building your website from scratch is that it can scale your business. In the beginning, your website may not record heavy traffic online since it's still new. But as your business grows, more people visit the website, and the traffic doubles and even triples. This is when you will want to expand the functionalities and features of the website. But you can only achieve it if the system is designed to be flexible and scalable. If not, you may have to start everything from scratch. 


    This is why a custom design is suitable from the beginning. The designer always considers that your business will grow, and there will be a need for expanding the website capabilities. But if you use a pre-designed theme, when the website has grown beyond its capacity or requires more functionalities, you may spend time and money buying and installing a higher theme to cushion the pressure. 


    4. Ensures Optimization from the beginning


    Search engine optimization is one of the ways to boost visibility, recognition, patronage, and sustainability. It ensures that your target audience locates your websites and also patronizes your services. For example, if the Google search engine doesn’t know your website exists, it won’t push it before the millions of prospective clients on the internet.


    One of the ways to ensure SEO for a new website is through custom design. The developer already knows the importance of SEO to your business. They will build the site to be responsive, fast, easy to navigate, etc. Also, he will consider many design factors such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScripts and how they’ll contribute to the failure or success of your site. 



    Using a custom web design offers a lot of benefits to your business. Now that we have discussed them above find the right firm today and achieve your goals through them.

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