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  • 3 Important Tips on Searching the Best Keywords for SEO

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    I am writing this blog based on my own experience which I have learnt during the different phase of my career as a Digital Marketing Specialist. The term SEO keyword means a lot when it comes to promoting a clients business over the internet. This is just like a race among thousands of business websites over the search engine to come up higher on the search engine result page for a certain set of business related keyword.

    Online promotion of a business website require several techniques to achieve success among the humongous list of competitor business websites. Out of which one of the key process that need to be prioritized before planning other techniques during the start of SEO work is the process of finding the best keywords for clients business, so that his website can be flawlessly optimized as per the current guidelines defined by the search engine which in turn make his business presence correctly in front of the targeted users with respect to their desired business related keyword searched on search engine.

    3 Important tips for finding best SEO keywords

    Now let us focus on following the best process used to find the best SEO keywords. When we talk about SEO then keywords are considered to be the root which act as the foundation for any business to be successful by having correct presence on the SERP with respect to the searched business keyword. To find the best SEO keywords, 3 important steps that are needed to be followed include:


    • Client Business Understanding

    • Competitor Analysis

    • Keyword Research & Analysis on Tools

    Client Business Understanding

    The first thing which matters a lot while finding best keyword is the thorough understanding of client's business. Without implementing a proper understanding of client business we can not conduct a good competitor analysis and keyword research later, thus the complete understanding of clients business sets up a platform to achieve our future objectives while researching best SEO keywords.

    To understand clients business we must know answers to some questions like:


    • What main products or services client is offering?
    • Is clients business local or global?
    • Who are targeted prospects to clients products or services?
    • What is the main USP of clients product or services?
    • Who are the main competitors of clients business?


    These are some sets of important question that anyone need to ask from client in order to have a good understanding of his business.

    Competitor Analysis

    After having a complete understanding of clients business the next important step is to analyze the strategy followed by the main competitors of clients business. It is very important to observe the behaviour and approach of competitors because this helps us to define specific parameters on behalf of which we can pick our best strategy for adopting the best keywords. Competitor analysis makes us understand few questions like:


    • What main keywords competitors are using as primary keywords?
    • What main keywords competitors are using as secondary keywords?
    • What main keywords competitors are using in their web-page meta details?
    • What is the frequency of keywords used in their main page's content?

    Keyword Research & Analysis on Tools

    The final and most important step which is used to find best SEO keywords is the Keyword Research & Analysis. It allows you to pick most relevant keywords based on the research & analysis done on the targeted keywords. The keyword research can be done through various online tools including Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, WordTracker, WordStream, etc., however the best tool to choose for this is Google Keyword Planner. This tool allows you to research on relevant targeted keywords and provide us the statistics along with some keyword suggestions. The various statistics shown from this tool are average monthly searches, keyword competition(Low, Medium, High), we then can analyze these keywords based on the number of searches and competition level and prioritize those keywords which has high searches and low competition level.



    The complete researching and analysis process is followed as mentioned below:


    Step 1: Browse Google search for Keyword Suggestions in different possible combinations.

    Step 2: Collect a list of possible combination keywords related to business keyword.

    Step 3: Search all these list of keywords in Keyword Planner Tool.

    Step 4: Analyze the statistics including the number of searches and competition level for these keywords along with the stats of suggested keywords.

    Step 5: Choose the best keyword based on relevancy to business, with high number of searches and low competition.

    E.g. In the below image, Microfiber Towel Canada is preferred because its competition level is medium as compared to Microfiber Bath Towel Canada




    These three important tips defined here are the quality steps used to find the best keywords for SEO. If all these 3 tips are followed in a proper way, then you can expect your business website on top pages of SERP with respect to a search query related to your business keyword on search engine.

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