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  • How to Create Perfect Meta Title Tags for Web-pages

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    Meta Title Importance


    When we talk about keyword rank with respect to some specific search engine let us say Google then we need to be highly focused on creating SEO friendly Meta Title tags for any web-page. Google algorithm for showing results on search engine is designed in such a way that Google always consider the meta title as a primary factor for displaying correct results with respect to the search query typed by any user on search engine. That is why apart from other factors like the page content, the keyword density and meta description you should focus more on creating highly optimized meta title as per the content of web-page.


    Focus more on creating highly optimized meta title as per the content of web-page.


    Best Practice for Creating Perfect Meta Title Tags


    • Always put highly relevant keywords related to page content.
    • Always choose keywords with high searches and low competition.
    • Always use primary keywords for the meta title.
    • Length of meta title should be between 55 to 60 Characters.
    • Place keywords in such a way that different possible combinations for keywords are available.
    • Always use a brand name at the end of the meta title tag.


    If you follow the above mentioned steps while creating meta title tags, then you can assure good keyword rank for some specific list of targeted keywords within shortest span of time frame and your web page will come up on the search engine result page as per the search query entered from any user. Hope you find these steps helpful. Will share more informative blogs on SEO in future.

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