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  • 10 Super Easy Steps to Hire E-commerce Developer

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    If you are confused and can’t understand how to hire e-commerce developer to make your beautifully functional website, then you can follow 10 super easy steps and hire the perfectly trained e-commerce developer instantly.


    How to Hire E-commerce Developer?


    1. Clear your Requirements

    Before starting the search for a skilled and experienced e-commerce developer, you have to clear your requirements first. It might sound that e-commerce developers just do one job, but their work is further divided into different professional streams.


    For instance, if you want to create a website on the WordPress and you have hired the developer who works with Magento platform, then this is going to be bad for your business. To avoid this trouble, you should conduct internal discussions with your stakeholders and team members and try to make a decision regarding your business objectives, budget, timelines, platforms, etc., before hiring the developer.


    2. Set your Goals

    The next thing that you should consider before hunting the e-commerce developer for your website would be your internal goals. To hire e-commerce developer, you have to map out all the features and functions that you want to incorporate in your website so that you can hire the developer with the ability to create your features matching your vision.


    If you want a certain feature to reflect on your site and your developer isn’t experienced in it, then it will be dangerous for your website.


    3. The must-have Features

    The process of e-commerce website designing is complicated and gigantic. There are so many different things present that you can include in your website design. But, adding up all these features to your website can increase the cost and timeline of your project.

    So, you should create the list of the must-have features first and ask your developer to work on them on priority and later on if you have resources, then you can work on less important features.

    4. Determine Budget

    Managing and properly utilizing financial resources is a big challenge for every business organization.


    So, when you are ready to hire an e-commerce developer, then you should fix your developer budget in advance because chances are high that you might go over budget on website designing. After considering all the internal and external factors, you should set the moderate budget for e-commerce website designing and strictly ask your developer to finish work within a prefixed budget.


    5. Check Technical Skills

    Developing an e-commerce website is a very complicated and technical process as compared to designing a simple website. Thus, you have to hire an e-commerce developer who has competent skills to handle all the technical work involved in e-commerce development.


    You have to ask about relevant technical certificates possessed by the developer and the list of a recently developed e-commerce website from the developer before making any decision. You should also ask the developer whether they are familiar with the latest technology trends like chatbots, AI, SEO, payment gateways, etc.,


    6. Examine Portfolio

    Once you are satisfied with the technical knowledge of the developer, in the next step, you should examine their portfolio to see what kind of projects they have handled in the past.


    Like, whether the developer handles B2B or B2C projects. Apart from this you should dig deeper and try to find out the complexities develop can handle. There are plenty of technical assistance required in the creation of a online retail store such as third-party integration, inventory management systems, payment gateways’ integration, CMS support, catalog management, multiple filters, etc., From the portfolio, you should try to examine all these skills of a developer that you are about to hire.


    7. Hiring Period

    The billing process, deadline and other milestones of your project should be decided before hiring the developer. The engagement model that you are willing to offer the developer needs to be structured on the basis of budget, timeline, scope and other related subjects. You can select from the different types of engagement models on the basis of your hiring period.


    For instance, if you require a developer for some time to perform a few developments, then you can hire an e-commerce developer on an hourly basis. However, if you want a full stack developer, then the fixed monthly salary method is perfect.


    8. Map out Process

    You should ask your developer to map out the entire process of designing a website in advance so that you can evaluate the strategies of a developer.


    There are numerous types of processes are present to design website like Agile, CI/CD, Devops and combination of all. This strategy of the developer will tell you whether he is following the right process or not.


    9. Communication System

    It is very important to set up a proper communication channel with your e-commerce developer so that you can easily reach them or vice versa. Always prefer to have frequent face to face or telephonic or video calls meetings with your developer to check the progress of your website and also keep on asking questions so that you know whether your developer is on the right track or not.


    10. Warranty

    Some developers give a warranty on their work and some don’t answer your call after the settlement of the bill. That’s why you should make sure that your hired developer will offer you few days warranty as the website can face trouble anytime.


    Moreover, you have to also ask that if you will be charged for any future code issues once the site is delivered and launched. If your developer won’t offer a warranty, then you should try to negotiate the terms beforehand.

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