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How to Get Coordinates of Shapes Like Triangle, Polygon On Canvas in JS?

See Below Code:   import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core'; import { fabric } from "fabric/dist/fabric.js"; @Component({ selector: 'app-p-five', templateUrl: './p-five.component.html', styleUr...

How to Convert Jquery Code in Javascript?

See Below:    var min = 99; var max = 999999; var polygonMode = true; var pointArray = new Array(); var lineArray = new Array(); var activeLine; var activeShape = false; var canvas $(window).load(function(){    ...

JavaScript Validator for String Expression that Allow Arithmetic Expressions

I need a help in writing a validator in javascript or JQuery for a string expression that will allow arithmetic expressions like (),+,-,*,/,min(),max(),avg(). In the string, min(),max(),avg() should allow only two arguments. Sample string...

How to Get Acknowledgement of pubsub Publish Message from Strophe.js

I am using Strophe.js to connect with XMPP server in angular4. I send message using connectionXmpp.connection.pubsub.publish() method. How do I get acknowledgement whether message is received by subscriber or not. Right now I haven't get any ...

JSON Parser Not prasing the array in JSON

Hi, I have a project I'm working on, and I've run into 2 problems. The first is my JSON parser is parsing correctly for regular objects, but doesn't parse the arrays in the JSON. Secondly, I am trying to implement dependencies i...
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