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How to setup Virtual Domain Name on apache2 Ubantu

Step 1 :- Create new project like /var/www/html/staging/blog Step 2:- create index.php  Step 3:- Write <?php echo “Hello World”; ?> inside index.php Step 4:- Check If you can access project via http://localhost/staging/b...

Installing SSL certificate on apache2

SSL or Secure Socket Layer ascertains that all data passed between the web server and the web browser remain private and secure. It is the standard security technology for engendering an encrypted connection between a web server and a web browser...

Setting up varnish with Apache

Before we begin with the setup of the varnish with Apache, let us know a bit about Varnish and then move ahead with configuration of varnish with apache with some examples that gives you an idea of basic settings for the server. Varnish is an ...

Virtual Hosting - Host Multiple Sites on Single Server

Virtual Hosting is a process in which we can host multiple sites on a single server. or we can also say single Apache to have multiple sites. Types of Virtual Hosting Virtual hosting is of two types- 1. Name Based 2. IP Based Na...
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