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  • on odoo: how shall I build a page which can show an continuous updated picture?

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    Answer it

    I wan to build a page which is opened when some page label was clicked and the page show a picture which is continuous updated by continuous latest data as shown by below picture:

    it receives many points of data within 1 minute and I want to only save the last point for each past minute; and for current minute I want to show the latest point as this current minute;

    shall I get some structure about this or a example for this module /app?

 2 Answer(s)

  • Hi Frank Cao,

    For line graph you have to go for js file for example..


    follow below code:
    //Test ID
    var myLineTest = $("#demo");
    // color of lines
    var lineColor = "#edgfhf";
    var lineStroke = 4;
    // background color of Test element
    var TestBackground = "#fgdh";
    // color of <a href="you have to taking plugin path here"
    // color of grid number
    var gridNumeralColor = "#dfg";
    // interval of the chart graduation grid
    var gridLineFrecuency = 45;
    // number of decimals
    var GridNumeralDecimals = 10;
    // drwas the avarage line in the chart
    var ChartAvarage = true/false;
    // X values
    var XValues = [9.49, 9.48,9.47,9.46,9.45, 9.44, 9.43,9.42,9.41,9.40,9.39];
    // Y values
    var YValues = [150, 360, 200, 225, 560, 450, 220, 550, 630, 100, 280, 480];
    // draws the line chart on the Canvas element
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