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  • jQuery siblings() method

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    The jQuery siblings() method gives back all siblings components of the  component which we have selected.

    By using sibling() method we can select all the siblings of the component which we have selected and then we can use them.



    selector − it is used to select html elements in which jquery has to be applied by using either id , class or html elements.

    sibling() method also have an optional parameter which is explain below.

    selector.siblings( [selector] )

    The selector which is  inside a brackets is  optional parameter which is used to filter the search for sibling.

    Below is the example for JQuery sibling() method:-

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    body * { 
        display: block;
        border: 3px solid lightgrey;
        color: grey;
        padding: 6px;
        margin: 16px;
    <script src=""></script>
        $("h1").siblings().css({"color": "#4FB053", "border": "1px solid #4FB053"});
    <div>parent div

    In above example we are selecting all the siblings of the <h1>tag with the help of jQuery siblings() method and then making their color green.

    Working demo:-

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