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  • Wordpress vs Drupal We Development Framework Comparison: Which One Would You Choose?

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    When you think about developing websites, writing a blog, starting up an online shopping portal or displaying information, you may have heard of the major two options which are used by almost 80% population of the world and those are WordPress and Drupal. 



    WordPress and Drupal are two well-known and well-used software which are equally popular amongst people. Choosing one CMS platform depends on what kind of business use you are putting these two up to. Both of these platforms are open source, strong and user-friendly frameworks, both the frameworks have almost equal amount of fans and both platforms are used extensively.


    Similarities between WordPress and Drupal 

    To understand the differences let us first get a picture of what’s common between both of them and what makes them so popular that you cannot do without these two vast platforms:


    • Open source: Drupal and WordPress are both open source platforms which means they are free to be accessed by you and can be developed further. Being Open source gives them major points for being used by people all over the world

    • Easy usability: both of these platforms are easy to use and user-friendly which makes them a good choice for you when you want to develop robust, powerful, user-friendly and efficient websites for your business.

    • Community support: since Drupal and WordPress are used globally, they share a common feature of having strong community support which keeps it updated and fresh. You can communicate from people and their developers will readily help you with anything you need starting from design and development to uploading and deployment.


    Differences between Wordpress and Drupal 

    Even though Drupal and WordPress share important common features, they also differ at major points which give them their characteristic feature and govern their usability to different kinds of businesses:


    1.  Pricing: 

    WordPress- along with offering a vast variety of solutions and features WordPress initially comes for free. You can build a basic website for the start up for your business.


    However, somewhere in near future, you may have to hire a developer or invest in premium features of WordPress if you wish to add more complexity, functionality, features or themes to make your website more attractive.


    You will be effectively cutting down the cost if you develop and design the website by yourself with the use of WordPress.


    Drupal: choosing Drupal will cost you a tad bit more as you will require a professional hand at developing the website using Drupal. Along with hiring a developer you will also have to pay for the basic services like domain registration, hosting, added security, etc.


    But, the good part here is once you have a fully developed and customised website, you will eliminate the need of any future investments. It’s a onetime development that is future ready and gives you all the benefits in long term.


     2.  Complications and ease of use: 


    Wordpress: wordPress can be easily known to you and is not very complex to use. It is intuitive and user friendly to make it look easier to work with. you also get constant support from the strong worldwide community which adds up to its ease.


    Drupal: on the other hand, Drupal requires professional developers. You may won’t seem to be very well-versed with Drupal unless you know how to use it. You will need to learn how to work with this platform before starting to develop any project.


    3. Customizations: 

    WordPress: you are offered a wide variety of themes and plug-ins to add to your websites and make it look better, add value and make it more user-friendly. you always keep on getting more of these as it’s an open source platform, people around the world keep on adding to it.


    Drupal: as compared to WordPress, users may witness less theme design and modules or plug-ins but in Drupal, most of the functionality needed is already built into main theme cutting down the need of relying on third-party for more plug-ins. However, theme customization will require professional help in Drupal.


    4. Security:

    Wordpress: even though it was made to be secure, third party plug-ins are threats to wordPress. With every third party plug-in, wordPress sites become more vulnerable to malicious behaviors.


    Drupal: since Drupal requires less third party plug-ins it is better at security as, there is no interference from third party leaving less room for any hacking to the Drupal developed sites.


    Differences based upon businesses

    Choosing Drupal and WordPress depends upon type of business you are panning out. Despite being popular all over the world, they are used for different purposes.

    Here is an example:


    Who is the winner?

    Hence, after comparing both of the most widely used platforms the conclusion is that, the usage of both platforms depends upon which type of business you are looking to build over it. Every business has its own demands and to complete those you need to see which platform fits better for your desired website. So if we see in a nutshell-



    • Most popular

    • User-friendly even if you don’t know coding

    • Not so costly 

    • Not so secure



    • Not so popular

    • user friendly if you know how to use

    • rather costly

    • very secure


    Wordpress will give you great benefits if you are looking for an option that is cost effective and fast whereas, if you are looking or robust, more complex and secure solution, Drupal can handle the work for you. 


    However, using the benefits of either WordPress or Drupal with the best e-commerce development company, will give your business a good boost and bring profits as putting your website up on the internet ensures that customers see you and get attracted towards it.

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