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  • WordPress: Features, Benefits & all About Most Popular Web Framework

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    Talking about the software-based times, everything you do starting from shopping to shipping, selling to buying online, management to social media is governed by software-based websites. And to serve this huge world that runs on web, you need an equally strong framework. And this is why everyone around the world started loving WordPress.




    In simple words, WordPress is a piece of software but, a very remarkable piece of software that is simply used to make websites. It’s an open source system which lets you to modify or use it without any added cost. WordPress has all the features that makes it a powerful template-based framework that becomes even better with an easy administrative dashboard.


    WordPress domains

    WordPress works in two domains: and Both of them are extremely useful with few distinctive features like: 

  also known as self-hosted WordPress, is WordPress software that can be installed on your own web host. It lets you create a website that’s totally your own.

  is a profit based service hosted by the software. It’s simple to use, but it can’t be customised much because of the self-hosted WordPress.


    WordPress was written first for blogging but as the popularity increased WordPress grew and it is now flexible and strong enough to make websites. Besides building smooth websites, it also is a great option for E-commerce. WordPress also excels at membership websites where you pay for access to various things like music, videos, themes, magazines etc. which makes WordPress great at payment gateways as well. Social media platforms are also easily handled by WordPress. Hence, WordPress is a multi-utility website that makes your web, blog and E-commerce business easy, well-managed and well promoted.


    WordPress features

    Wordpress can also be known as a factory that manufactures websites. WordPress with its rich and illustrative features make your website look better, attractive and user-friendly.




    • Themes: 

    Wordpress themes are the most striking feature that is created using PHP or HTML. Every website has at least one theme that is based on the type of business they are developed to suit perfectly for the same. Here, you have the option to switch between different themes and give your website a fresh and creative look.




    • Plug-ins: 


    Plug-ins gives you a better functionality and extended features that adds value to your website. You have the option to choose from thousands of different plug-ins that can be used in websites to fit their needs.


    These plug-ins range from SEO to client portals used for private information CMS, content displaying features, widgets and navigation bars. Plug-ins give your website a better and interactive design.


    WordPress benefits

    Apart from making website development easy and user-friendly, WordPress has various benefits which will make you turn towards WordPress without any second thoughts. WordPress lets you enjoy the maximum advantage of a multi-functional website without any added hassle.


    1. Ease of use:

    This feature of WordPress lets you create your own website and launch it quickly or create blogs without having the knowledge of codes thus making it easy to use for you regardless of the place and system thus, increasing the popularity even more.


          2. Extensively functional:

    with features like themes, plug-ins, shopping carts, payments etc. You can customize their own business web pages and give enhanced and efficient functions to them. If there is any additional thing that you wish to add to your website you will have a way that is free and quick.


          3. Cost effective:

    so many features and this powerful framework come without any added cost! And this is the key feature of WordPress. You can use all the themes, plug-ins and built-in directory without any cost. Though there are added features that come paid but those which are free, are enough to provide you a good website.


          4. Easily updatable:

    since it’s an open source, users keep on updating it globally to make it better and more enhanced. You can always use new and more efficient ways to build website as WordPress keeps on updating.


    Technological advancements in WordPress

    Every once in a while there are some changes and developments in every framework to make it better for you and is a building block for many more innovations. The year 2019 promises to bring an array of advancements to WordPress out which, few are listed here:


    1. WordPress hosting: a great rise is seen in the past year in server less hosting as compared to traditional ones. Server less hosting allows you to build and run applications in a cost-effective and better way as it gives you more time to create products with minimal or no resources.

    2. Privacy and security: In the current year, there will more demand of transparency of data and how it is used. The upcoming systems with default security will allow you to block known trackers from storing cookies.


    Furthermore, U.S is likely to implement GDPR like laws to protect your personal data. The privacy and security concerns will always be top-most priority and will always continue to grow in a better direction.


     3. WordPress 5.0: this is yet another development that you may look forward to. This update will bring features that are better and more intuitive which promises best ever user experience in the last 10 years.


    In addition to these, You will have support from a large community from all over the world which will help you to work, update, design and get fresh and unique look. So with all these features, wordPress is preferable choice for all small scale and large scale businesses. 


    To conclude the matter:

    Whether you need to develop website, write a blog, make a shopping website, create a social media platform or convert psd (photoshop document) to WordPress with the best in class PSD to WordPress services, which ensures smooth and easy processes. WordPress also has the ability to manage your websites and content to make your work simple.

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