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  • Why millennials have become the dominant force in an ever-changing job market?

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    The millennial generation has long been considered an early adopter of modern technology and the generation to define what it means to live a modern life. They are capable of turning the tides of corporate development if they are included and asked for an opinion.


    But how did these young and inspiring people become such a force to be reckoned with on the job market? The secret lies in the ever-changing nature of the job market and the genuine service it provides for potential employees.


    An open-minded spirit

    Millennials are open-minded to anything they might hear. They don’t judge a book by its cover nor do they care to label people based on surface information. These people have become so attractive for interviewers due to their flexibility in tackling different tasks with the same amount of attention and proficiency.


    That is to say, they are capable of working in a changing environment without professional help to guide them step by step. They adapt to different technologies, workflows, and management fairly easily and manage to become as productive as possible in a short timeframe. This makes them an essential resource on the job market.


    Volunteering mindset

    Millennials are open to volunteering while they are in still in training or before graduating. They aren’t afraid of working for free if it means they will learn a new skill and get a recommendation afterward. They don’t see themselves as cheap labor – they carefully pick their battles and volunteer where it’s needed and when it suits their interests.


    Volunteering experience is essential in today’s modern job market due to an oversaturation with people who simply graduated without any work experience whatsoever.


    Expectancy of advancement

    Members of Generation Y will rarely take a job opportunity into consideration without a long-term plan in mind. They want to be able to develop professionally and advance through company ranks without being bound to one workplace for the entirety of their engagement.


    This makes them ambitious and energetic by nature since every action they take aims to bring them a step closer to a new place inside a company. Millennials are a completely different breed in a way that employers couldn’t have anticipated.


    They are eager to learn everything about all the new trends, changes; it`s easier for them to study foreign languages because they`re aware that this will give them a chance to find a well-paid job abroad. Moreover, they can easily combine freelance in one of the language translation services and the position in a big company.


    Leaning towards coaching

    Millennials will often want to be mentored by someone in the company in order to better understand the employer they started working for. This doesn’t have anything to do with disrespect of management or a lack of respect for the chain of command – quite the contrary in fact. Even the best writer will tell you that people who want to be mentored and coached will always bring better results than passive employees.


    Having an older employee coach a millennial candidate can result in huge development on the part of your new employee without putting any money or time into their specialized development. Pairing old and new employees isn’t a newly discovered practice but it has often been neglected as a waste of time, which millennials don’t agree with.


    Social and global awareness

    You might have a head that the millennial generation is one of the most socially aware groups on the planet. Not to go as far as to say they are environmentalists in nature, but they do care about global issues such as environmental preservation.


    Aiming a couple of your internships at these global issues will result in millennials flocking to your company asking for work and engagement, which is a good recruitment strategy if you plan on employing young people in the future. This tactic is also often overlooked due to a lack of attention towards these pressing issues.


    Companies that are occupied with quality writing or shipping manifest rarely pay attention to issues that don’t concern them. Millennials will effectively avoid these companies and look for those that think the same way they do about the world.


    Trust in leadership

    Lastly, millennials are one of the rare groups out there who have full trust in their leadership. You don’t need the best writing staff for your job opening advertisement if you are in the market for  employing millennials. They will adore you to the end of the world if you shake their hand and smile even if you are a CEO of a large company.


    This mindset comes from the fact that they believe we are all equals working in different positions towards a better goal. They don’t see managers or board members as better than themselves – we are all still human beings. And while they might ask for writing help with their resume and job application, they will always speak truthfully about their stance on a company’s leadership.


    In conclusion

    Hiring millennials is always a sure way to bring youth and ambition into your fold. Make sure that you pay close attention to their needs and work with them instead of ordering them around.


    No matter the age gap, these people are able to be your friends and coworkers if you let them. This makes them uniquely suited for many job positions that would otherwise require years of experience under a candidate’s belt.

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