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  • Why is Google the Best Search Engine?

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    Over the last decade, Google has become synonyms to search engine. I guess, every person, who has a computer with working internet connection,  must have used Google for day-to-day activities. If you are going to calculate the price of information, Google provides us billion-dollar information for free.

    According to the netmarketshare, Google is captured 70+ %  of search engine market.


    There is no second thought that Google is world leader as far as search market is concern. It’s all because of advantages of Google over other regular search engines: Let us find out Why is Google the Best Search Engine?




    • Highest Number of Index Pages:

    More than 1 Trillions (1,000,000,000,000) web pages are already indexed in Google search engine. So, if you search a query on Google, It nearly gets the best result from almost every thing on the Internet.


    • Shows Relevant Results:

    As Google has indexed highest number of web pages, it increases the chance of getting you what are you exactly seeking. From my personal experience,  I know, Out of 100 , 99 times I got the related site. The reason behind Google’s high relevance result is that Google consider backlinks from niche websites for a specific website. The higher the number and authority of links, the better the ranking in Google’s SERP.


    • Largest File Format support:

    Google not only indexes regular web pages that end with .html, htm, php, asp, aspx etc but it also indexes files like PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, TXT, MP3, MP4 etc


    • Popular Among Celebrities:

    Sometimes in movies or in real life we replace ‘search’ term with ‘Google’. For example you tell some more likely to ‘When you online, Just google this’ instead of ‘When you online, Just search this’ .

    • Google Separate Ads and Sponsored links from organic results:

    Google never mixes its core values to provide relevant results to its users. So, they make ads and sponsored links perceptive different from other organic results. The Ads links and sponsensord links are mainly shown in yellow colors and can be easily distinguished by other non-yellow organic links.


    • Speed:

    Apart from constantly adding many latest functionally from time to time, Google never compromises with speed. Many of us still using Google home page for checking our internet connection. This is amazing see that after indexing trillions of web pages and adding millions of web pages every day Google still returns your query result within seconds.

    • Google Philosophy:

    Main building block for any company to grow is it’s core mission and philosophy. Of Course, Google also has its mission and philosophy . Number one, Focus on the user and the rest will follow. Second, it’s best to do one thing really, really well. Third, Fast is better than slow. Fourth, Democracy on the web works. Fifth, You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer. Sixth, You can make money without doing evil. Seventh, There’s always more information out there. Eighth, The need for information crosses all borders. Ninth, You can be serious without a suit. And Finally, the Tenth,  Great just isn’t good enough.                                                                  Source: Google


    Hope this blog helps you little bit in knowing that Why Google is the Best Search Engine in the world? If you have any query, Please let me know on the same forum or tweet me your issue at @iHarishPal.

    Happy Searching and Sharing !

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