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  • Why HR Certification is Essential for Your Human Resources Career

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    Are you an HR professional looking to advance your career in the human resources field? No matter how many times you change your job for a mere 30% to 40% hike, it can never outweigh the skills of the current professionals in the human resources field. Employers these days are strict with their hiring process, and most often look out for professionals having the latest HR job skills such as technological aptitude, strategic planning, performance appraisals, employee feedback, project management and further on.


    What you also need to understand is that human resources professionals of today are not confined to traditional HR job roles anymore. They’re on for a bigger and better picture in an organization. As technology emerges and news trends are up in the HR job market, professionals and practitioners in the HR field must be ready to pivot.



    According to PayScale, it was reported that almost 34.2% of all the HR professionals have at least one certification to their name. It makes sense as the job market progresses with employers hunting down skilled HR professionals. Furthermore, it adds value and professionals are said to have gained more promotions and better salary packages.


    You understand you do have a great job but not great enough that you’re stuck with working on menial tasks that include the administrative tasks. Having an HR certification is one way you can advance further in your career. Taking up a career in the HR domain is not an easy task as it may seem, professionals are entering the field of human resources to earn lucrative salary compensation. However, this is not possible without human resources certification.


    Professional with an HR certification goes through rigour especially in this fast-paced world. According to a study by EvoLLLution, details determined that it is critical for a professional to keep up the pace with the ongoing changes that are happening in the industry and greater still for employees with professional credentials.


    In this fast-paced world, individuals who can stand out among others are often the ones who rise in their career. People these days are looking forward to broadening their skill set by choosing the best HR certification that is aligned according to their needs.


    Broaden your skill set by settling down on any one of the best HR certifications that align with your learning pattern:


         Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)


    Being an HR is not about being in charge of filling positions within an organization, it is way more than this. Human resources are just one aspect, many professionals in the HR domain are now stressing on policy-making and building strategy. This program is best suitable for HR professionals with four years of experience.


         The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM-CP)


    The Society for Human Resource Management - Certified Professional certification program is deemed as one of the best HR certifications for early and mid-career (three to four years’ experience) HR professionals. This is best intended for HR professionals who are involved in strategy and policy implementation delivering and performing HR functions.


    But, is today’s HR up to par with the evolving trend?


    Several organizations consider certifications as proof of administrative and structural dexterity. But that leaves behind strategic, innovative and organizational skills which are a core competency in today’s HR job market.


    Talent management, the new mantra for growing businesses. But wait, what does this have to do with human resources. In simple terms, talent management is a process making use of strategic human resource planning that helps improve business value and ensure the possibilities for organizational growth. How this is done? Talent management focuses on helping talent and retaining the top talent in an organization.


         Talent Management Institute


    Unravel the skills of a Global Talent Leader today by taking up the Global Talent Management Leader (GTML) credentialing program. TMI, partnered with the Wharton School offers one of the world’s best credentials in the talent management domain. Professionals having a direction towards leadership roles can easily achieve them today.


         Talent Management Certification Program


    This certification program is suitable for professionals looking to advance their career in the talent management field. The TMC program helps elevate professionals in the HR domain to expand their knowledge and expertise in talent management.


    Learning is a lifelong process. Professionals who constantly upgrade their skills, technologies, and techniques will always have their way to market themselves. What are you waiting for?

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