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  • Why Finding Quality JavaScript Developer is a Herculean Task?

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    The popularity of JavaScript is increasing by leaps and bounds while the availability of skilled and competent quality JavaScript developer is decreasing. It is really very tough to find experienced and good quality JavaScript developers today. Running a mobile and web app development company requires to have some great quality software developers who can create something new, come up with solutions, and create a backend. But, you will hardly find such talent in most application development companies worldwide. Yes, lacking in ability is the dilemma of everyone.


    Hiring Javascript Developer


    There are many pieces of research and finding over JavaScript, but none can be taken for granted, and all studies are differing from one another. Some say that there are more 7 million JS developers worldwide; some claims to have nine while other claims for 10 million JavaScript developers.


    According to Stack Overflow, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language with 69.8% of total market share among professional and non-professional while JS has gained over 71.5% popularity t is followed by HTML, CSS, SQL, and Java.


    Here are some top noted reasons why you good quality JS developer is hard to find;


    Weaker Education System

    There are plenty of reasons why it hard to find the quality JavaScript Developers, but first, I would blame the education system. Most of the colleges involved in compelling students to memorize and repeat the task which already exists, instead of encouraging them to explore and get something new or come up with your own solutions. 


    Skill Gap

    As the technology is moving fast, coming up with new and innovative technologies every now and then, businesses are moving towards disruptive platforms such as AI driven market, ML, IoT, Blockchain technologies, etc. That has resulted in hyper-convergence around the specific techniques and skills, while the primary and broad understanding of JavaScript is being left out. Increscent in the skill gap is the main reasons why the quality developer is hard to find worldwide.


    More than that, technology is moving fast, and that compel developers to focus on the upcoming innovation than strengthening their core skills.


    JS Developers Get Frustrated

    Three things, such as Time, Money, and Quality, are required to fulfill the demand and need for investors. One hand, the market focuses on current needs, which mostly involves various requirements, and that results in developers not being able to focus on particular points. Full Stack is rising over specific JS, and developers also need to adapt what is in trend. It has some backdrop which profoundly impacts on developers' performance. If you take a look in companies, each has plenty of developers who know how to code, but when it comes to lead the project multiple domains, most of them can't do. That's where the skill is missing.


    According to researchers, by the end of 2020, the talent shortage is going to be a huge issue. The demand for skilled and professional JavaScript developers will be on its peak, but there will a little supply to bridge the gap.


    JS Developers, Victim of Lack of Training

    Developers, right from their colleges and professional institutions, are the victim of proper training to enhance their skills. In colleges, they either spend most of the times in learning everything which already exists, doing repetitive tasks in colleges, getting good markets, or get the hell out of the college. At the workplace, on the other hand, they are the victim of completing the demand of clients without any proper training and expertise. They are not given adequate training that in result; keep them unskilled in the core tasks.


    Execution Part is missing

    No doubt, there are developers who can make outstanding development using JavaScript programming language. However, the number is less, and they are pre-occupied by most to the top-level companies. Standard JS developers lack thinking broad or out of the box. They can work well on what is pre-planned. Getting new and innovative solutions for the project is missing. At the same time, there are developers who know how to code, but they don't the demand of the industry. That means developers need to the business first for what they are developing a project.


    Communication Gap

    Most of the developers get projects either through their team leaders or CTA. They are not able to have direct communication with the business owner or investors. Those results in miscommunications and sometimes create issues in the project as well.


    Bottom line

    The bottom lines, JavaScript developers, are there at large, but if you look for skilled and talented developers who think out of the box could be missing.

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