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  • What's The Difference Between "Shopify Login" And "Partner Shopify Login"?

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    Are you confused between Shopify login and Shopify partner login? 


    Well, here’s something to aid you! 


    Shopify login and Shopify partner login are two different things, but still, people seem to be confused about it. But not anymore, since this article will help you to know the critical difference between the two. Therefore, let us first begin with the introduction to both of these.  


    What is the Shopify login? 

    Shopify login is the process of logging in to the admin panel of your Shopify store with the help of your username and password. There are several ways by which you can log in to Shopify. One such way is to log in with the help of the Shopify app on your Android or IOS Smartphone. 


    What you are required to know about the Shopify login is that if you enter an incorrect password while attempting to log in, then you will need to pass a verification test that is required to prove that you are not a robot. You are required to do this while you attempt to log in the next time on Shopify. 


    Furthermore, the verification will also be imposed if you try to login with the help of an incognito window or a separate window, or if you clear the cookies and cache in your browser. Also, make sure that you wait for all the verification images to load completely so that you can complete verification with ease.


    You can further take the help of the customer support team if you need to enquire about the password reset and other login related issues as well. Let us now have a look at the Shopify partners login. 


    What is the Shopify partners login? 

    The Shopify partners login is just a login panel, specially made for the members of the Shopify partner program. The role of these account holders is to get new customers in the Shopify platform. This login is made exclusively for the people and organizations that help the merchants to reach more significant markets for providing their service.  


    An individual who logs in through the Shopify partner login gets several options, such as the ability to manage development stores, managing apps, and managing the life stores of the clients.


    Difference between the Shopify login and the partner’s login 

    Let us now have a look at the key differences that set the Shopify login and the Shopify partner login apart from each other. There are a number of differences between the two, and we will be looking at each of them one by one.  


    The first and the significant difference is that the Shopify login is done when the user wishes to open a store on the Shopify platform, and the Shopify partner login is used to work as an affiliate on the Shopify platform and get new customers on the Shopify platform. 


    Secondly, the Shopify login is used to manage the data of the products and orders that are made by the customers who visit the store owned by you. However, the Shopify partner login is used for managing the development stores and the stores of the clients of the members of the Shopify partners program. 


    The third difference is that you can use the Shopify login for purposes such as selling and managing the transactions as well as the billing and adding a number of different features on the online store, which is owned by you. However, the Shopify partner login can be used by the partners for the management of the apps, development stores, and the live stores as well. 


    Lastly, the Shopify login and the Shopify partner login are two different things but on the same platform. Therefore, the uses of both of the stores also differ a lot. One is for the management of stores, while the other one is used majorly for development purposes.  


    Bottom Line 

    So that was about the difference between the Shopify login and the Shopify partner login. We hope that now you know the differences between the two and can now use either one for your desired purpose.

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