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  • What is MSBI and Its Advantages?

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    MSBi is an extraordinary business intelligence suite that can provide several ultimate solutions to execute data mining and business queries. It can provide various types of data access to the companies with the help of which they can make various decisions and even implement any of their business plans for the future. 


    To implement MSBI, the business professionals should know firstly what MSBI is? It helps the companies in making business decisions accurately and helps them in making their plans ready. Basically business intelligence gives a set of plans to get data and analyze it. Here the data is mostly present in huge amounts; you can implement new business plans as well.


    Today through this post, we will discuss what MSBI and its advantages are over other business intelligence tools. This will give you a strong reason to learn MSBI and shape your career as an MSBI professional. 



    So just without wasting our time, lets dig into our quick discussion.


    Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools or MSBI

    Well, in the above section we have given a brief introduction of MSBI that it is nothing but simply a tool by Microsoft that can help the organizations and enterprises in making important business decisions by providing them with detailed analytical reports.


    This tool comprises of three tools to accomplish various business tasks, and these tools are:

    • SSRS: SQL Server Reporting Services that is a reporting tool
    • SIS: SQL Server Integration Services that is an integration tool
    • SSAS: SQL Server Analysis Services that is an analysis tool


    MSBI is the business tool of Microsoft that can overcome all IT related issues and problems that are faced by businesses and can be costly as well. For business intelligence solution it is one of the best tools, or we can say is a complete suite.


    Here among these modules, the SSRS reporting module is a server-based report generating tool that is a part of SSAS or SQL Server Analysis Services. Software professionals can build fruitful reports through this tool for both large and small enterprises. You can generate following reports through this tool:

    • Traditional Sequence Reports
    • A Modern Web Portal
    • Latest Mobile Reports

    SSIS is considered as the first module of MSBI that can help in importing data from multiple sources like Excel files. You can also create ETL and access and integrate data from multiple sources. As a result, it can also form a central data repository or warehouse. 


    You can extract data from multiple sources through this ETL tool, and the features of SSIS are:

    • It uses scripting languages
    • Has the capability to run multiple tasks in parallel
    • It has separate deployment wizard
    • Can support end-to-end BI processes
    • Is part of Microsoft SQL Server 2005


    It can perform multiple services by using BIDS or Business Intelligence Development Tools.


    On the other hand, SSAS is considered as the second module of MSBI. It is one of the best tools for Microsoft to perform OLAP operation. It can avail data quickly by accessing it from data warehouse or data storage. It can perform below-listed tasks:

    • Can analyze data from multidimensional models
    • Cube (multidimensional data sources) modification
    • Business plan implementation 
    • Cube, measures and dimensions creation


    In this way MSBI works on the concept of these above-listed modules. The complete process gives good data extraction, and imperative analyzed reports to streamline business operations. Now through next section let us discuss the advantages of MSBI tool over other business-related tools.


    Advantages of MSBI Tools


    • Self-Serviced BI Tools

    Self-service business intelligence tools are offered by Microsoft, and one example of such tools is Microsoft Excel that is used by the workers for their everyday activities that can also produce results and give reports to data analytics professionals.


    Initially, only the data managers, specialists and experts were able to handle BI tools. They usually had complete knowledge of BI process. Whenever they feel any hurdle they have to call up the IT department. Even in such cases sometimes they had to wait for months to get the problem resolved.


    With the introduction of self-service BI tools, it has become easy for the employees to access data and analyze it. Either they have any statistics of other relevant degrees or not. They can perform all operations.


    • Scorecards and Dashboards

    Well-organized, balanced score and dashboard are offered by MSBI. The content-driven dashboards and scoreboards provide performance monitoring and information access from various data sources across the organization. This all is provided through single browser-based experience. We can bring data through various sources and work from these information resources. Dashboards are used to access such sort of data.


    • Data Warehouse Applications

    For various data analytics needs. Here SSIS module of MSBI helps in accessing data from various data warehouses that may and may not be similar. One can easily extract data and information from various information sources that may be needed to carry out the analysis process efficiently. SSIS module can perform ETL process and operations, so is considered an imperative part of MSBI.


    Here ETL in itself has three sub-processes named as extract, transform and load of data. Here the data is extracted from data sources that are used in the transformation process and is converted into the required format that is required in the destination database. The transformed data is then loaded into destination database.


    • Inclusion of Native MS Excel Features

    MSBI uses Excel to perform data analysis. Excel makes the data access process easier and helps in collecting data and using them o generate dashboards and eye-catching reports. Here MSBI uses the SQL Server table, and it is being used to get the data from Excel sheet. Here Power Query is being used to combine data from internal and external sources. Flash Fill of MSBI is used to format columns and designing of data model. A large number of reports can be generated through MS Excel.


    Final Words

    MSBI has many advantages over other business tools that include easy data exploration, managed self-service and business intelligence. For understanding these technical tools join best online advanced MSBI training and become certified in this field. It can also use native Excel that makes it more flexible and handy. Here we have listed its various modules and advantages in short. Apart from these, many other advantages are also offered by other business tools that can be only experienced by the users of MSBI. Like it also supports various .Net Web Services and provides guided navigation and dashboards. The tool is considered useful for various professionals including ETL professionals, analytical professionals, developers and project managers. 

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