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  • What is FFmpeg?

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    Hello Readers,

    Usually, we need to perform a different tasks/activities with audio/video like video/audio format conversion, resize the video Files, adding poster image to an audio file and so on.

    Even then we need to knowledge of FFmpeg.

    So in this blog we learn about FFmpeg and other titles which is related with FFmpeg.

    What is FFmpeg?

    FFmpeg is usually a very strong and also good command line application tool used for executing numerous conversion operations on audio and video files. This is the good thing that this tool is absolutely free to use. It truly is available for different operating systems like windows, Linux and also Mac.

    FFmpeg is a free of charge application project which produces libraries and also programs intended to controlling multimedia data. FFmpeg involves libavcodec, a great audio/video codec library used by a several different projects, libavformat, an audio/video jar mux and also demux library, as well as the FFmpeg command line program intended for trans-coding multimedia files.

    Here are the some different task which is performed by FFmpeg command.

    1. Extracting Audio only From Video File.
    2. Extracting Video While Muting Audio
    3. Resize the Video File
    4. Adding Poster Image to an Audio File
    5. Cut Video File into a Smaller Clip
    6. Split a Video File into Multiple Parts
    7. Convert a Video File from One Format to Another Format
    8. Join (merge) Video Files
    9. Cropping an Audio File


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